Ionian Conurbation

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Ionian Conurbation SMP
Output 3DqiqC.gif
A GIF showing the three original founding cities of the Ionian Conurbation
City Mayors
Quiris _HeavenAngel_
Heights City Toaro
Woodsdale Hightech_TR
Springwood i____7d
MRT Connections
Quiris  ZN15  Quiris South,  ZN16  Quiris East,  NW2  Foobar
Heights City  ZN14  Heights City,  C119 - ZN12  Mihama (Heights City)
BirchView  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
Woodsdale  ZN10  Woodsdale
Weston None
Springwood  A20  (From Pasadena)
Founded 12th June 2015

The Ionian Conurbation is a shared municipality was founded on 12 June 2015. It consists of 6 cities split into 3 subregions.

The Ionian Conurbation features integration and cooperation between these 6 cities, with the goal of becoming a relevant economic and military power in the MRT.

Do note that we are currently not accepting any other new towns into the SMP.


Main Region

The Main Region consists of Woodsdale, BirchView, Heights City and Quiris. It is located in the Northern Gamma region in Ward 1 along the Zephyr North Line from  ZN10  to  ZN16 .

Weston Exclave

The Weston Exclave consists of Weston, located in Ward 8 in the Far West Epsilon Region.

Springwood Exclave

The Springwood Exclave consists of Springwood, located in Ward 9 in the Northwest Gamma Region.

Ionian Conurbation Cities

Main Region of the Ionian Conurbation
Weston Exclave of the Ionian Conurbation

Flag of Woodsdale.png

[Senator] Woodsdale - Click me! :D

Location: Main Region

Mayor: Hightech_TR

Marked in purple in the graphic.

Flag of Weston.png

[Mayor] Weston - Click me! :D

Location: Weston Exclave

Mayor: _crepper_

Marked in brown in the graphic.

Flag of Heights City.png

[Senator] Heights City - Click me! :D

Location: Main Region

Mayor: Toaro

Marked in light blue in the graphic.

Flag of Quiris A.png

[Premier] Quiris - Click me! :D

Location: Main Region

Mayor: _HeavenAngel_

Marked in yellow in the graphic.

Flag of BirchView A.png

[Governor] BirchView - Click me! :D

Location: Main Region

Mayor: _crepper_

Marked in green in the graphic.

Flag of Springwood.png

[Unranked] Springwood

Location: Springwood Exclave

Mayor: i____7d

No dynmap view is available for Springwood as of now.



The Ionian Conurbation SMP was founded on 12 June 2015 with Quiris, Heights City and BirchView, with the goal of becoming a significant economic and military influence in the MRT.

Woodsdale is accepted into the conurbation, becoming the fourth founding city although it was not present during the original founding.

Over 3 years, the conurbation has grown in size to become one of the largest SMPs in the MRT.

Ever since the SMP rule was abolished, the Ionian Conurbation continues functioning as an autonomous region.

The Ionian accepts Weston into the conurbation, replacing BirchView as a founding city. BirchView becomes a member state.

The Ionian joins the Zeta Republic as a whole region, with many diplomatic ties with the other member cities.

On the upcoming merger of the Zeta Republic and the Republic of Epsilon, Springwood is accepted as a member state on probation.

The Ionian Conurbation officially joins the Republic of Epsilon in full on the 21st of February 2020.

Future Goals:

It is the goal of the SMP to become the largest private entity on the MRT to have economic relations and interconnectivity with cities all over the MRT.


Neighbouring Cities:

The following are a list of cities sharing a border with the cities of the Ionian Conurbation.

Main Region: AEville, Dandenong, Stoneedge, Birch Forest City, Forest Lake and Bakersville.

Weston Exclave: None

Springwood Exclave: Pasadena

We strive to maintain harmonious relations with our neighbours.


The Ionian Conurbation has designed an embassy that would represent all 5 of the Ionian Conurbation cities. The dimensions of the embassy are 75 blocks long, 37 blocks wide and with a height of 68 blocks (x,y,z: 75,68,37).

If you are interested in having diplomatic ties and the embassy in your town, do add your username and city in the list below and mail _HeavenAngel_. Each town or city will be independently evaluated for diplomatic relations.

Embassy Locations:

Town/City Username MRT station of Town/City Co-ordinates (if no MRT) Completion
Hathnes VernCow  C39  Foobar - Completed
Pine Mountain BuildPilot - - Pending
State of Richville Woorich999  P47  Richville International Airport - Completed
- - - - -

SMP Connections



Connects to: Quiris Heights City BirchView Woodsdale Weston Springwood

City Roads:

Quiris, Heights City and BirchView are also well integrated through city road connections.

A map of operational RaiLinQ routes which display the entire RaiLinQ network and where you can go to/from and within the SMP on RaiLinQ.


Local Metro:

The SMP is connected by a inter-city metro that runs north-south under Quiris, Heights City and BirchView. It does not connect to Woodsdale or the exclaves.


The main SMP area is connected through the official MRT Zephyr Line, spanning from stations  ZN10  -  ZN16 .

The Springwood Exclave can be accessed via  A20 . There is no MRT connection to Weston.

Third-Party Railways:


RaiLinQ serves Quiris, Heights City and Birchview via the 1300 ST line.

Birchview itself is connected with the 0200 IC line, and Woodsdale is accessible from the 2000 ST line from Birchview.

Weston is accessible by AquaLinQ from Morihama Station on the 3200 ST line. (see RaiLinQ map)


IntraRail serves Quiris, Heights City and BirchView via the Northeast Regional Line.

Travellers to Woodsdale and Weston must use RaiLinQ instead, as IntraRail does not go to these cities.


There are currently 3 air facilities serving inter-city flights and 1 non-serving facility.

Airport Cities Represented No. of Gates Type
Leydon International Airport BirchView, Quiris 32 Airport
Woodsdale Municipal Airport Woodsdale 18 Airfield
Quiris Seaport Quiris 9 Airfield (Seaport)
QUASAR Runway Quiris NIL Research Facility