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Italian Transit Authority

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Italogo.jpg Italian Transit Authority We know how to travel.

Welcome to the Italian Transit Authority Wiki Page. Here you can find lots of information regarding the ITA Company.

What is Italian Transit Authority
The Italian Transit Authority is a Transit Company on the MRT Server. He was founded by Cortesi during mid-June and it is still an active Transit Company on the server. ITA is well know for creating Rail Lines and Advanced Redstone Systems. During these years ITA created 4 rail lines (3 completed and 1 not), an efficient Horse Sharing System and lots of other Redstone Systems that were sold to the MRT Will and the MRT Bank

Who Works For Italian Transit Authority
The founder and the CEO of ITA is Cortesi. His Co-CEO is _MajorMagpie_. Together they created the most efficient transit system for the South part of the MRT Server thaks to a strong alliance Italian Transit Authority - Ampitheatre Transit Authority.

Italian Transit Authority Branches

• Italian Transit Authority Train Transit:

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ITA created 4 rail lines on the MRT Server. All of them are well-known especially for the Metro4 Line that is the longest Unofficial rail line on the server. ITA stations offer lots of features and are actually pretty compact.

• Italian Transit Authority Horse Transit:

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ITA is now developing a new automatic Horse Sharing System. This system allows non-Trusted players to receive horses automatically without spawning them. ITA is hoping that this system will get around the MRT Server and so all of the players will have one in every city on the MRT

• Italian Transit Authority Redstone:

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The Redstone is ITA's best friend. Every day we try to create compact but at the same time efficient systems. Our systems will be used in the new MRT Will and, hopefully, in the MRT Bank and MRT Mail.