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Itokani Transit is a department of the Itokani government responsible for transit operations within Itokani. Itokani Transit was founded in 2020 with the foundation of Karakarawa.


Itokani Local Boats

Itokani Local Boats is the boat division of Itokani Local Transit that takes passengers to other islands in the city of Itokani. The striping on the boats' sails indicates the two islands that it connects.

The boats were designed by Mojang1014 and altered by McYoshi26. Outside of Itokani, the boat designs have been leased for use in Survivor: Senikau and in Akureyri.


Sailas, fully known as Senikau and Itokani Local Aerial Services, is the flag carrier of Itokani that flies local airplanes and helicopters within and out of Senikau.


Itokani Transit owns and manages operations of the airports in Itokani.