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CEO jamess2912
Presenters None yet
Main Studio Central City
Founded 12/12/2015
Parent Company J Group

JTV is a television network hosted by J. Group. More info is too be added.



A round up of all events happening on the MRT.


Wake up the best way with GoodMorningMRT.


Get the headlines when you want it in our 60second update.


Live from CSE, the round up of business news, stocks and shares in the market.

Programming and Advertising

Start a new program

If you want to start a new programme for JTV, /mail jamess2912 with the idea. Remember: YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE MUST BE ABLE TO PRODUCE TOE VIDEO! If your idea is successful you must produce a pilot episode with 1 ad slot every 10 minutes. If the pilot episode is successful it will be uploaded to the JTV YouTube and Vimeo Channels. BY MAKING THE VIDEO YOU AGREE FOR IT TO BE SEEN AND SHARED AROUND THE WORLD!

Spoken Ads - $15

A spoken ad is spoken by someone with your logo. You may decide what to say as long as it does not exceed 25 words.

Video Ads - $40

A video ad is a video you've created being shown. This must not exceed 1 minute.

This is a banner shown at the bottom of the programme. Prices vary depending on programme.


  • CSE Studio 1-2
  • LoC GA Studio 4
  • Vermilion - 8 Eterna Avenue

List of Regional and Local news centres


Regional news programmes are put after the national news.

  • 0 - Central City - TBD
  • 1 - TBD
  • 2 - TBD
  • 3 - TBD
  • 4 - TBD
  • 5 - TBD
  • 6 - TBD
  • 7 - Vermilion - 8 Eterna Avenue
  • 8 - TBD
  • 9 - TBD


This is local news on it's own channel.

Bold means ran by JTV.

  • 110 - Central City
  • 117 - Seaview
  • 134 - Nippia (owned by Ray Disney Media Holdings)
  • 139 - Espil (Owned by _InDev_)
  • 160 - Ellesume (owned by AlliNews)
  • 170 - Vermilion (owned by chiefbozx)

New Regional/Local News

If you are interested in hosting a local news, PM jamess2912. To host a regional news, PM jamess2912. For regional your town needs to be city-like.