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Jaikrunda is a developing city in the North East region of the server, built by AlexDaAlbatross, which is served by the MRT Eastern Line at EN16. It was established in late 2017/early 2018, and is located near the border between the lands of Gamma and Epsilon.


As of June 2019, there are few franchises in the city, the only notable one being the Azucar Street Sweet Shop, also owned by AlexDaAlbatross, which dominates the city as a skyscraper. Also featured is another smaller franchise owned by the city's mayor, the Sorrento Pallette Café, which is an Italian restaurant chain. There are currently no other franchises in the city, but AlexDaAlbatross is always open to offers.

Notable Structures

There are many significant landmarks in the city, and its neighbouring district of Snow Valley. These landmarks are as follows:

Structure Name Type Owner
Cyablue Building Residential/Business AlexDaAlbatross
Jaikrunda Ultima Station Train Station Ajrica Trains
Deulasan Road Stadium Leisure Jaikrunda 05 CF
Azucar Street Business AlexDaAlbatross
Caltadura Tower Residential AlexDaAlbatross
Sorrento Pallette Café Restaurant AlexDaAlbatross
Nitroxy Arena Leisure Ajrica Leisure
The Circle Arena Leisure Snow Valley FC