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Owned Cities Ophelia Confederation ( Federal Territories ( Janghwa | Seolho ) )
Owned Franchises Noonmir Inc. ( Circo Porto )
Alert.png Janghwa City is no longer owned by the previous owner.
This means that the current and incumbent who is LithiumMirnuriX, is the entitled to the city.
RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Ferdual Territory of Janghwa
장화 준주 壯華 準州
Flag of Ophelia, The Official Flag of Ophelia Confederation
Town officials
Mayor LithiumMirnuriX
Deputy Mayor Vulpicula
Founder Supykun
Town Councillors I-90 (former MRTKaizo_Keiho)
MRT  M21  Foobar
 M22  Janghwa City
 M23  Janghwa City South
Bus JHCTB Buses (Provisual)
Roadways A746
Other transit JHCTB Metro (Provisual)
Facts and figures
Founded June 25, 2015
Recognized as town October 7, 2015
Town rank [Mayor]
State Ophelia Confederation (de facto Since 2016-2017)
Official language(s) Korean
World New
Post codes JC6 1xx - JC6 3xx ➡ Chodo County
JC6 4xx - JC6 6xx ➡ Judo County
JC7 1xx - JC7 4xx ➡ Sado County
JC7 5xx - JC7 6xx ➡ Haedo County
Political Party StaDev Party (Dissolved)
City Phone Code +1 W54 xxx xxxx (OPN format for Integrated, W is mean as Ward)
+62 (W52) xxx xxxx (CTS format, W is mean Ward.)
+62 (3) Wxxx xxxx (OPN format for domestic, W is mean Ward.)

Federal Territory of Janghwa (Korean: 장화준주, Hanja: 壯華準州) is a city located at the southwestern deserts of the new MRT World. It was founded by Supykun and currently owned by LithiumMirnuriX. It is one of the biggest cities on the MRT Mesa Lines along with Birdhall, Kolpino City, Evella and Formosa, and is also one of the first city in the entire MRT where English is not the main official language (Korean).


Janghwa M.C. is located at the southwestern region of the MRT Gamma World where the MRT Mesa Line and the MRT Circle Line intersect with each other. The city used to consider itself as sasek gungaeshi (사색군계시, 四色群系市) - The City of Four Biomes, as the four combinations of the desert, the savannah, the mesa, and the ocean forms the city of Janghwa. Janghwa's territory has been reduced during the reformation and it is now a two-biome city (desert and savannah).

The Vermilion Postcode System (VPS) administers Janghwa City entirely as Ward 7 due to the capital building and establishments all inside Sado County. However, Chodo County and Judo County goes by the Ward 6 Region, and therefore is not necessarily true.


As the only freshwater source in the city, the Chakdocheon (착도천, 着道川 "Chakdo River") is the largest river that cuts throughout Janghwa M.C. The river enters from the north, where it loops around Chakdo District of Sado County (hence the name), and travels southward out to the ocean. Due to the mostly dry environment of the city, this river acts as a lifeline and is regarded as massively important to life in the city.

The river (along with solar panels) is one of the two sources where the city gets their electricity and energy. Several hydroelectric power turbines are installed throughout the riverline.


Current Counties

Sado County (사도, 沙道) is the biggest county in Janghwa M.C. Its biome is of the desert, and their official representation color is brown. Chodo County (초도, 草道) is the eastern county in Janghwa M.C. Its biome is of the savannah and the high hills, and their official representation color is green.
  • Sewon District (세원구, 世原区) (Postcode: JC7 1??)
  • Chakdo District (착도구, 着島区) (Postcode: JC7 2??)
  • Gyosang District (교상구, 敎上区) (Postcode: JC7 3??)
  • Saseung District (사승구, 私勝区) (Postcode: JC7 4SS)
  • Jecho District (재초구, 裁草区) (Postcode: JC6 1??)
  • Mirim District (미림구, 尾林区) (Postcode: JC6 2??)
  • Guchon District (구촌구, 久村区) (due Unclaimed M24-C70. Former Post Code is JC6 3??)

Old Counties

During Reformation, Janghwa's territory was reduced due to the city being inactive. Two counties have been lost and are now unclaimed territories (Exempt Vietta island (Provisional. formerly called Juhwa Island (주화도). But not to be confused with another sovereign state as similar name. Near as Okok Citadel):

Judo County (주도, 朱道) was the southern county in Janghwa M.C. Its biome was of the mesa, and their official representation color was orange. Haedo County (해도, 海道) was the western county in Janghwa M.C. Its biome was of the coastal sands, and their official representation color was blue.



Janghwa M.C. back in the older days with the old MesaPromenade in the foreground...

Janghwa City's earliest beginning can be traced back all the way to October 8, 2014, when its prehistoric era had begun. Epicslinkie established a small town named Maldita surrounding the MRT transfer station of Mesa Line's M24 and Circle Line's C70. The city's miniature buildings and roads formed a ring around the massive MRT station, and didn't expand much beyond that. However, Epicslinkie seemed not to have returned after he last left on November 2, 2014, and for many months did Maldita remained abandoned.


Supykun joined the MRT server on June 15, 2015, and in three days, discovered the plot around the station of M22 to be a fit spot to grow out a city easily and rapidly. He also wanted to open up the very first Korean town on the server as well. In June 21, 2015, Supykun began polling for which names should be use in the event of actually building a town between Gwangsa and Janghwa. With a poll of 6 to 10, Janghwa was the official name of Supykun's town planned at M22. On June 25, Supykun earned his membership and immediately started constructing the town of Janghwa.

Growth & Conflicts

The town grew rapidly in the beginning, and the size has become massive over the days passed. Janghwa's expansion to the south was blocked after its acquistion of M23 however due to Maldita taking its spot at M24 (C70) in June 25, 2015. This all ended at the GSM in October 7th when Maldita was successfully auctioned off to Janghwa City first shot, and the next day at October 8th, Maldita was absorbed and ceased service; Epicslinkie who was already absent for around a year by then was booted off of administration in the region.

On July 9, 2015, erty10089 wanted to restart another town and decided to give away his town to Supykun. Located at M29, Erty10089 left the town name with New Ertyland (thus the possibility of New Ertyland being much older than North Janghwa). As the agreement was complete, Supykun recieved the ownership of New Ertyland, and shortly after the planning to merge the two cities, the city was renamed to South Janghwa City. However, on July 19, 2015, frozen, who is an admod, discovered the situation and immediately declared the town of M29 to be disowned, as Supykun was still a citizen at the time.


...and the new Janghwa seen from the ChakdocheonPromenade.

When Janghwa City started off, it set its target to become an impressive city via realistic size, and unique designs. Putting that into effect however, raised both praises and criticisms equally, signifying the mixed success of the strategy for the city development. However, as time passed by, the city was becoming more and more of a cookie-cutter standard, and the designs were becoming too basic. Janghwa City went into a reformation period in which many buildings, roads, and other things be demolished and be replaced with an improvement. During the process, most buildings in the city were demolished, road designs, pathways, and the type of architecture that replaced the older ones were vastly different, and the city went through a revolutionary renovation.

Plans for Reformation

To be rebuilt:

To be built

  • New rapid transit system (bus, tramway, metro or monorail).

To abandoned

  • ChakdocheonPromenade western part.
  • Gyosang University. (replace as Kakan University Gyosang Campus)

To be demolished

  • HB Corporation Headquarter.
  • Channel9 Studios (replaced to OBS. Channel9 is moved to Juhwa Islands.)
  • MesaPromenade
  • Many other buildings.

Name and Terminology

The name "Janghwa" is a literal Korean derivation word that means "Grand Civillization"; "jang (장, 壯)" as in grandeur, and "hwa (화, 華)" as in culture and civillization. This word was created by using the traditional system of combining two different Hanja letters for naming a city, and hence, Janghwa is not an actual word in the Korean language itself. The name "Janghwa" was selected over "Gwangsa (광사, 光砂 'bright desert')" in a poll done at June 19, 2015 by the vote of 10 over 6. It has been reported that a park located at C20 was to be named Gwangsa National Park, in which is controlled by by QueenSmae.


The MesaPromenade

See MesaPromenade for full description.

Official logo of the MesaPromenade.

Now known to be the biggest shopping center in the entire MRT Server Worlds, the MesaPromenade is a colassal shopping alleyway filled with different varities of shops and brands, and is known to be a strong commercial district. Passing through the MesaPromenade is the MRT Mesa Line tracks itself, and above it are iconic Korean signs stating "장화특별시" (Janghwa Metropolitan City). This place is also known to be one of the oldest and most well-known regions of Janghwa City. The Mesa Promenade has been demolished during the reformation and the new one is currently under planning.

The ChakdocheonPromenade

The Chakdocheon Promenade is a promenade that was built along Chakdo River during the reformation. It is inspired from Cheonggyecheon which is a promenade located in Seoul. The promenade is a peaceful and natural place where many trees and a pagoda dedicated to Janghwa's founder Supykun are. The eastern part is now completed and fully accessible. The western part is being built.


More information TBA soon.

The picture of the very first Sonamu ever built at Janghwa City (now closed).



The entire transportation network inside the colossal city is taken care by a single government-oriented corporation named JanghwaGyotong (장화교통). Meaning 'JanghwaTransport' in Korean, they are the official authority over all regulations based of transportation inside the city, from buses and roads to ships and airports. Currently they are most well-known to be the main providing power of the jcBus system, and is also in charge of forming the two train stations Janghwa City serves of (Janghwa West Terminal Station/JWT, and Janghwa East Terminal Station/JET).


Janghwa City is roughly the first city inside the MRT to be declaring itself to be governed under more than one ward (that of Ward 6 and Ward 7.)


Previous station Next station
 M20  Avalon
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Evella
 M21  Foobar  M22  Janghwa City
towards Heampstead
 M21  Foobar
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Evella
 M22  Janghwa Metropolitan City  M23  Janghwa City South
towards Heampstead
 M22  Janghwa City
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Evella
 M23  Janghwa Metropolitan City  M24  Foobar
towards Heampstead


Before Supykun gave it away, Janghwa M.C. was developing a full-scale military entitled to do the job of defence and offense for the city. The new governement has decided in October 2016 that Janghwa would remain peaceful. Military is suspended until further notice.

The official name of the Janghwa Military was JanghwaGunsa (장화군사). It had three basic divisions, one motherboard division and one elite division:

  • JanghwaYukgun (장화육군)

Also known as JanghwaTerra, it covered all the military actions that were required on ground.

  • JanghwaHaegun (장화해군)

Also known as JanghwaNaval, it covered all the military actions that were required on the waters.

  • JanghwaGongun (장화공군)

Also known as JanghwaAvian, it covered all the military actions that were required on air.

  • JanghwaSadan (장화사단)

Also known as JanghwaIntel, it was the intellegence agency of JanghwaGunsa. It also organized and commanded the military officially.

  • J.U.M.P Force (Janghwa Ultamium Mortality Pack)

The most aggressive and secretive of the five branches, this group did the greatest offense actions in the group, and was also dubbed the JS (Jolokia Savages).

Sister Cities

The following are the sister cities of Janghwa Cities: