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Jimbo City Hall
Flag of Jimbo.png
Flag of Jimbo
Deputy MayorSansNotLuigi
City recognition
Date foundedSeptember 20, 2020
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
Road connectionsB765 to Chan Bay
Air facilitiesMRT Airships Terminal
RodBla Heli Helipad
Rail facilitiesJimbo Happy Meal
Jimbo Van Moj Island
Local transitjMetro
Language(s)English, Mojang having a stroke, Comic Sans, Memes

Jimbo is a community town founded by Moj1014 and SansNotLuigi on the 20th of September, 2020. Building in Jimbo requires prior approval from Moj1014 or SansNotLuigi.


On a faithful September day, Moj1014 and SansNotLuigi were bored in Mumble. Moj asked Sans if he wanted to build a community town with him. Sans affirmed.

From there, Jimbo was founded. Starting as a small port village beside Chan Bay, it has rapidly expanded within the span of a single week.


The administration of Jimbo is comprised of the Council of Crackheads, who oversee the progress of the town. Each member of the Council is a director of a certain aspect of the town, hence the formal name of the Council being the Board of Directors. The following are members of the Council of Crackheads / Board of Directors:

Council of Crackheads/Board of Directors
Player Town Position Specialty
Moj1014 Mayor Urban Expansion
SansNotLuigi Deputy Mayor Memes


All Builds
Number Name Builder Area
1 Jimbo Town Hall SansNotLuigi Centeral
2 da noic cafer Moj1014 Centeral
3 da jelly baker Moj1014 Centeral
4 FANFICTION librario Moj1014 Centeral
5 asian zupermarquet Moj1014 Centeral
6 hall of the contributeros Moj1014 Centeral
7 Asian Supermarket XL Moj1014 Centeral
8 jimmy neuter building Moj1014 Centeral
9 Aston Soda Jimbo notshort925 Centeral
10 SANSPLATZ Centeral
10a the ses levitation potion store SansNotLuigi Centeral
10b irl steam tiny version notshort925 Centeral
10c TAR Store SansNotLuigi Centeral
10d Salami Steven's Stand SansNotLuigi Centeral
10e RodBla Restaurant Stand SansNotLuigi Centeral
10f Sloppy Steven's SansNotLuigi Centeral
10g oxxywoxxy's hot dog water stand 0x10 Centeral
11 Budgetville Uno Mercadoplatz
11a LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11b LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11c LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11d LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11e LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11f LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11g LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11h LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11i LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11j LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11k LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
11l LINC House Type 1 Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
12 mi_aquamarine's house mi_aquamarine Mercadoplatz
13 Weier's convenience store and flats Weier Mercadoplatz
14 SAND WITCH SHOPPE Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
15 RealJacks Jimbo ModernArt Mercadoplatz
16 SansNotLuigi's Hall of Corporatism SansNotLuigi Mercadoplatz
17 Hempdon Jimbo Worrski Mercadoplatz
18 POGGERS POST OFFICE Moj1014 Mercadoplatz
19 Senor Frumple's Worrski Mercadoplatz
20 Lumberjack's Jimbo sesese9 McDonald
21 Happy Meal Railway Terminal Moj1014 McDonald
22 boss baby offices Moj1014 Del Prado
23 Soulsucking Incorporated Freskooo Del Prado
24 big fat govt building Moj1014 Del Prado
25 Del Prado Markets Moj1014 Del Prado
26 Del Prado Gardens Farkie1 Del Prado
27 Tower of Light Moj1014 McDonald
28 BMT7 Echohue McDonald
29 711 0x10 McDonald
30 Aroma Coffee RacCort McDonald
31 Day Dream Bowling and Entertainment underscorepie McDonald
32 Bus Yard Flats Moj1014 McDonald
33 McDonald Bus Yard Moj1014 McDonald
34 Horse Funeral Bank Corporate HQ Moj1014 Van Moj Island
35 Weezer Flats Moj1014 Van Moj Island
36 Sansvikk One Moj1014 Van Moj Island
37 Klipstrand Place Moj1014 Van Moj Island
38 Van Moj Island Community Center Moj1014 Van Moj Island