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Jupiter Motors
JM Logo.png
Senior staff
Head of Research/DevelopmentWeier
CFO, Marketing/Sales Manager, NE District ManagerCodyHM
Facts and figures
HeadquartersThe City of Seoland
Second HeadquartersSavage City
FoundedSeptember, 2018
Company LocationsThe City of Seoland, Sunshine Coast, Savage City

Jupiter Motors is a company founded by willowars. It focuses on designing rolling stock for other companies and for WillowTrans, the municipal transit in Willow. The company is looking for new members to put in designs or to sell. Trains used UIC classification but newer trains will use AAR wheel configuration.

  • To our website: [1]
  • To place orders: [2]
  • To view our social media: [3]
  • To watch videos: [4]


Since 2019, after complaints from Cact0 and TheGreenKangaroo, JMinibys 1A and J Class A1 and Class G1 have been removed from JM's lineup, but remain in the wiki.

On 17 July 2021, the Aviation Division was sold to Stratus Aircraft. Weier became a co-CEO of the new company.

Promotional Material

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Order a piece of rolling stock

To order any piece of rolling stock, go to tinyurl.com/jmorders and enter in the model number and quantity of any stock found below. We also do custom stock for city transit agencies. For more information, please contact CodyHM via discord CodyHM#2241.


Name Creator Features Cost Image
Minibys 1A willowars A small, slow, boxy and ugly bus that is cheap but reliable bus that is used as a shuttle. No Longer For Sale
Minibys 1A and 1B (Minibys 1A is on the right)
Minibys 1B Weier A better-looking version of the Minibys 1A. It is shorter and looks aesthetically pleasing. 3$ per bus
Bus 1A Weier The first bus to be used on intercity routes and high occupancy routes. 5$ per bus
J Bus 1A
Bus 1B willowars A longer version of the Bus 1A. 5.5$ per bus
Bus 1C Weier A slightly longer 1B with air conditioning. 8$ per bus
Bus 1D Weier This bus is more unique because of its 4 block width. It's the tallest and current longest bus of JM. 10$ per bus
Bus 2A willowars This is known as a Longbus in JM, and it's used for city routes with high occupancy. 6$ per bus


Trains are listed by alphabetical order. Steam trains are located at the bottom.

Name Creator Features Cost (free testing and prototype engines) Wheel Arrangement Image
Class A1 willowars First train by JM Discontinued Co-Co
J Class A1 with G1 beside it
Class A2 "Autotrain" willowars, inspired by autobus22 A train that includes everything willow learned from Auto. However, this train has short carriage sizes. 5$ per train B-B
Class A3 "Autotrain 2" willowars, design stopped by autobus22 A supposedly better version of the first Autotrain, but it was too short so the design was ceased. Not for sale B-B
Class A4


Weier, inspired by KittyCat11231
Class B1 willowars and Winter_Wubway Improvement of Class A1 10$ per set Co-Co
J Class B1 with G1 to the left
Class B2 willowars Based off of MP40-3C Go Train 9$ per train B-B
The J Class B2 in willowars' lab
Class C1 Winter_Wubway Streamlined Locomotive 7$ per set Co-Co
J Class C1
Class D1 willowars A heavy freight diesel locomotive. Decommissioned B-B+B-B
Class E1 willowars and mi_aquamarine First Electric Locomotive by JM, inspired by Shinkansen 0 Series 8$ per set Bo-Bo
Class E2 Weier First attempt at a high speed train. 10$ per train B-B
The J Class E2 in the JM lab
Class E2.1 CodyHM A modified Class E2 by CodyHM to fit on SEAT's Savagebite line. It includes two engines instead of an engine and a car and some modified components. Not for sale B-B
Class E3 Weier Second attempt at a high speed train. 11$ per train B-B
The J Class E3
Class E4 "Class 800" willowars, design input by mine_man Based off of British Rail class 800. 7$ per train B-B
Class E5 "Thalys PBKA" willowars Based off of Thalys PBKA 6$ per train (route) B-B
Class E6 "Thalys PBKA 2" willowars and London150 High speed train based off of the E5 with a less steeper slope. 8$ per train B-B
Class E7 "Thalys PBKA 3" willowars and TheSubway High speed train based off of the E5 with a less steeper slope but designed by the TheSubway 8.5$ per train B-B
Class E8 Weier A high speed train with 3 cars. 11$ per train B-B
Class E8.1 Weier A high speed train with 5 cars. The panto graphs are located on the passenger cars instead of the engines. 12$ per train B-B
Class E9 Weier A double decker train. The engine is separate from the cars. 15$ per train B-B
Class E10 Weier A double decker train. The engine also has a passenger compartment. 16$ per train B-B
Class F1 willowars An old electric locomotive. It is a test engine. Not for sale 1-D-1
Class G1 willowars A diesel engine that runs on 4 block gauge Discontinued 2-Bo-Bo-2
Class G2 Weier and willowars
(modifications from Supykun)
A five block-wide bullet train customized in request of Juhwa Islands.
Design altered from original design to standardize with JHR regulations.
Not for Sale
Class G2-1 Weier and willowars A five block-wide bullet train. The original Class G2 design. Not for sale
Class S1 willowars An electric subway commuter train 7$ per set C-C
Class S2 "142 Pacer" willowars (design from London150) Based off of the British rail class 142 "Pacer" that can't pull cars. 8$ per train B-B
Based off of the BR Class 142 Pacer
Class S3 willowars A DMU commuter subway. Based off of London U Stock 5$ per train B-B
Class S4 willowars(design from MIKE24DUDE) An EMU commuter subway based off of BR Class 319. 4$ per train B-B
Class S5 "Toronto Rocket" MatauPlays0 A short version of the Toronto Rocket built by MatauPlays0 to mock the Toronto Rocket. No price, ask to decide a price B-B
Class "Shunter" willowars A steam train that should be dead but instead still being used to shunt train cars. Free, but can't pull long distance. 0-6-0
Class "FEF-3" willowars An oil powered steam train used for freight. 7$ per train.

Passenger Cars and Freight Cars

Name Use Cost (if any) Compatibility Image
J Car A1 Tall Carriage Discontinued 1$ per car Compatible with A1 and C1 but not recommended
J Car A1.1 Shorter version of A1 Discontinued 1$ per car Compatible with A1 but not recommended and C1

Manufacturing Plants

JM has bus manufacturing plants in Seoland and Sunshine Coast, that mass produces the J Minibys 1B and J Bus 1C.

Seoland Bus Factory

The Seoland bus factory is located in Eastern Seoland and manufactures the J Bus 1C and J Minibys 1B. It is currently being finished.

JM financial building
JM financial building in Savage City/Willow

Sunshine Coast Factory

This was quite a challenge, as the factory was built under the SSC Beltway and currently produces crucial engine parts and the J Minibys 1B. It is more modern and slightly aesthetically pleasing.

Savage City/Willow JM Campus

A large portion of Savage City holds buildings and industrial infrastructure that belong to Jupiter Motors. The factory is situated west of Old Town, south of YellowSpork and between SEAT's Savagebite line and the W-5. Later on, the Campus will become the largest installment of JM's factories.


Weier: Co-Founder, CodyHM, MaxStewartS, London150