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Founder, Owner Needn_NL
CEO to be published soon haha
What is it?
Organisation form Holding Company
Famous subsidiaries Kaaskoppen, Dutchies, Canada25 and Potty Plaza
Recently added subsidiaries LauNdromat, De Groot Drycleaners
Facts and figures
Founded August/September 2017
Owned subsidiaries 12
Locations 40+
How to reach us?
Website Here! Just look for the contact form!
Discord We are active on both the MRT channel as the Kalorean Union channel!
For more info: Send a dm to [at] Needn_NL [Hashtag] 7307 on discord

Welcome on the wiki page for the Kaaskoppen Conglomerate! The Kaaskoppen Conglomerate is a Root Company created and owned by Needn_NL.


The history is long and my time is short, but I'll post it here someday. Lol


It's main HQ is to under construction in Kaloro City, but there is a regional HQ in Oakburgh (T4) located on the 6th floor of the Liberty Tower.


Food Division


Forgot the locations lol, 1st in Dulwich-Herne tho


1. Northberg; New Building, Northberg

2. New Acreadium; AC1_1DM_46, New Acreadium

3.Frostbite, 4100 Spruce Valley Parkway

4. Cactus River, idk

KaloroRestaurants (discontinued)

1. Hanamura; 1st floor of the Totoro Business Center, Hanamura

2. Marsius; 1st floor of an unnamed building in Marsius

3. Nottingham; Kaloro Building, Nottingham

4. TBD


Note: All new-built Dutchies are called New Dutchies for administration, while still called Dutchies

Classic Dutchies are found in Winterside, Sanctuary Hills, Verdantium and other places

New Dutchies:

1. North Alexandria

2. Central City; 2nd Floor, Southwest Mall, Central City

3. Desert Bay; Plot 3, on the river shopping centre, Desert Bay (unfinished)

4. Oakburgh; Next to the BluRail Station

5. Deadbush; Arcade Mall

6. Kaloro City; First Floor, Visitors Centre (South-East Building), Kaaskoppen HQ (opened 9-5-2019)

7. Aquamarine Bay; Former Aquamarine Bay Station, Portside Mall, Santo Pedro Lane 1, Aquamarine Bay

Kaloro Fastfood (discontinued)

1. Venceslo; Icicle Holdings Stadium, Venceslo

NL Mart (Supermarket)

1. Daneburg-New Town (DEUTSCH)(NL Mart 2 Go)

2. Whiteley-Station (NL Mart 2 Go)

3. New Acreadium Station

4. Spruce Valley


1. Central City; 2nd Floor, Southwest Mall, Central City


1. Winterside; De Instelling, Locatie Bosweg, Bosweg 482 - Limited access

2. Kaloro City; Kaaskoppen Lime building, Main Street 1 - Limited Access

3. [missing file]]

The Rusty Anvil Coffeeshop by Needn & John's (50% shareholder)


  • only in small places
  • fee of $10
  • we will organise tiny building events

Location 1: Aquamarine Bay

The first shop! Featuring co-founder and mayor Johngi
The first shop! Featuring co-founder and mayor Johngi

  • Only 18m^2
  • Aquamarine Bay; Former Aquamarine Bay Station, Portside Mall, Santo Pedro Lane 1, Aquamarine Bay

Kaloro Utilities

Potty Plaza

1. New Southport

2. Winterside; 20-September Str. 2, Winterside, Kalorese Union

3. Iceton

4. Kaloro City

Porter Potties

All Porterpotties are licensed, but often temporal

Kaloro Lifts

1. Marsius-1; Unnamed Building, Marsius


LauNdromat is a laundromat service useful for every town, and with it's compact size and cheap prices, a wonderful addition to all citizen's lives. Versions:

Version Size Price
Standard version
11 wide
10 deep
Custom Custom to be discussed
Location Address How to get there version (size) remarks
*Lab none Standard 10x11 Version 0
# Kaloro City - City Central Ground Floor, Sky Building (North), Kaaspark Underpass 1, Kaloro City Custom First shop!
# A
# B

De Groot Drycleaners

Location Address How to get there version (size) remarks
# Kaloro City - City Central
# A
# B

Kaloro Apparel



1. Central City; 1st Floor, Southwest Mall, Central City

2. Venceslo; Somewhere, Venceslo Village

3. Winterside; 20-September Str. 1, Winterside, Kalorese Union

4. Murrville; Somewhere

5. mini-Canada25 in Redbridge

6. Kaloro City; Ground Floor, Visitors Centre (South-East Building), Kaaskoppen HQ (opened 9-5-2019)

Requests for Franchises of the Kaaskoppen Conglomerate

Post your request in the table below and make sure there's always 1 empty row down in the table. Pls strikethrough orders if you wish to retract them before they're started, and follow the rules layed out earlier. If trouble may arise, it's up to Needn_NL to figure out what he does with it, even if it means deleting your order! This is an emergency measure only tho.

Username Location Franchise version (size/remarks) Only to be filled in by Needn_NL
ElpmurF Plot 1, Floor 1, Admod Building, Central City  X0  Central Park Dutchies Xtreme (200x200), please make it 3 levels no u
ElmurPF a mall spot in the mall on 26th West Street, Middle-of-Nowhereia No U Rail  NUR1500  Kaaspoepjes Standard I don't sell any kaaspoepjes, they are sekrit
'- '- '- '- Control Line

Discontinued Franchises

An extra fee of 20$ applied for new discontinued franchises