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Kaktus Republic

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Kaktus Republic
Flag of Kaktus Republic.jpeg Svgfiles 2019-01-13-01-21-34-092174-7866948542263295690.svg
Founded August 18th, 2018
Religion State Sanctioned Irreligion
Population 11,749,812
English, Spanish, Russian
Currency Cacto’s Cactus Dollar
Capital City Sunshine Coast
Largest City Sunshine Coast
Communist Dictatorship
Demonym Cactan
President Cact0
Vice President Megascatterbomb

The Kaktus Republic is a union of towns and cities on the server. Its capital and largest city is the city of Sunshine Coast, with over 5 million people and growing. The republic spans across the New World, and is rapidly expanding. Member cities in the Republic elect representatives to represent their interests in the Union Congress, which meets on Capitol Mesa in Sunshine Coast. The republic has many agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, Parks Department, and Ministry of Transportation. Member cities are required to agree to the terms listed in the entrance agreement. Cities in the Republic have various levels of autonomy, with some cities being directly controlled by the central government, like Sunshine Coast, and some cities having much higher autonomy, like Izumo.

List of Provinces

Province Rank Provincial Governor Union Congress Representatives Population Rank
Sunshine Coast  [Premier]  Cact0 8 #1
Elecna Bay  [Premier]  mine_man_ 6 #2
Richville [Governor] Woorich999 5 #3
Farwater [Senator] Cact0 5 #4
Scarborough [Senator] Sesese9 4 #5
Woodsdale [Senator] Hightech_TR 4 #6
West Calbar [Senator] Sesese9 4 #7
Vegeta [Senator] mine_man_ 4 #8
Izumo [Mayor] ModernArt 3 #9
Delta City [Mayor] AyyLion 3 #10
Peripotamia [Mayor] Cookie46910 3 #11
Birchwood [Mayor] Conric005 3 #12
Antioch [Mayor] Woorich999 3 #13
Frostbite [Councillor] SirNatureWriter 2 #14
Nauvis [Councillor] Minecrafter_11 2 #15
Bay Point [Unranked] Woorich999 1 #16
Merced [Unranked] Cookie46910 1 #17
Morihama [Unranked] Cookie46910 1 #18
Moleville [Unranked] Sesese9 1 #19
Euphorial [Unranked] TheGreenKangaroo 1 #20
Aquamarine Bay [Unranked] Johngi 1 #21