Kaloro City

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Kaloro City
Flag of Kaloro City
Deputy MayorTheSubway
City recognition
Date foundedQ2-3 2017
Town hall coordinates-15000, 76, -13000
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 9
MRT A53  Kaloro City - Pine Park
 A54  Kaloro City - Coal Colony
Road connectionsB88
Local transitKaloro City Public Transport

Kaloro City (also Kaloro, KC or for inhabitants "The City") is a citytown built by Needn_NL halfway 2017. It is situated near Norwest, the prime rival for regional power, in the well, north west corner of the map. On the 22th of September 2018, it was decided unanimously that in Winterside the only main language would be Dutch, except for international things, like the B12, which will be signed bilingually, and Kaloro City's primary language will be English, with Dutch being the main language in District 1 (Old Town) and Kalorean being an official minority language next to Kalorean in District 1 and Dutch in all other districts. All other parts of the Union will recieve an official language later.


To be added soon.


A huge part of the planned network
The current active network
Kaloro City Public Transport
Founder & CEONeedn_NL
Facts and figures
Parent companyConnected
HeadquartersKaloro City
Other serviced towns
  • Norwest (Line to be constructed)
  • Coal Colony, New Kaloro (Line to be constructed)
Metro Stations7 (in operation)
16 (planned)

Kaloro City Public Transport is a public transport service of the Kalorean government for the people of Kaloro City and near towns and is operated by Connected. It contains Metro, Train, Tram and Bus services. It's the main public transport provider in the area. It consists at the moment of two active lines: the Union Line, consisting of 5 active stations, and the Omega Line, having 4 active stations. The River Line and Forest Line will remain closed for the time being, as well as Kaloro CBD-Central and all Union Blvd Stations except for Union Blvd December Street for the Union Line, the harbour stations for the Omega Line and Central Station will remain closed now for all lines.

Types of services

Metro (KC-MET)

Metro services are cartrail services that connect the suburbs of the city with the city center. Metro's ususally stop at every station on the route. The techniques used for it depend per line. On the Omega Line (Line 1) and the Union Line (Line 2), the station mechanisms are provided by Obi's Redstone at every station except 26 October Street (Union Line). The platforms are 29 long and they spawn 1 cart at a time. Getting in and out of the metro is easy because of the slow speed when driving past a station, but when someone doesn't want to stop at a station they can speed up the process by pushing the button between the two tracks. Because the off-station redstone is simple, a lot of people can spawn there carts in short times. On the River Line (Line 3), the railway technique and some of the station design is by Starcubed Transit Solutions. The platforms are 29 long and can each hold one minecart train with space for 8 people at a time. More will be announced once the line opens.

Rail (KaloroRail)

KaloroRail services are warprail connections provided by the government from Central Station to the suburbs and neighbouring cities and vice versa. Because of the ongoing construction of Kaloro City Central Station, the trains aren't running yet. The rolling stock will be announced here as soon as available.

Tram (KaloroConnect)

Tram services consist of partially underground, mostly grade seperated lines that use warprail.

Bus (KaloroBus)

Bus services will be offered from the Central Station Bus Station to outback areas and areas without access to other public transport. Also, rail replacement buses will be run by KaloroBus.


KC-MET River Line

River Line
StatusService Construction.png Under construction
TerminiKCA - Kaloro City Airfield
Central Station
Rolling stockStarCity 1

This Metro Line connects the Kaloro City Airfield (to be built once senator) via Embassy Island and Pine Park to the Central Station. This line was mainly built for tourists and embassy members to visit these places.

Route map
KCA - AirfieldBSicon FLUG.png
21 May Street x Union Boulevard
26 October Street x Union Boulevard   2  Union 
Embassy Island
Zuidoeverweg / Southbank Road
Pine Park
1000 Lakes Avenue x Main Street
Kaloro City Central Station

BSicon LDER.png ICBSicon BAHN.png SPRBSicon FLUG.png BSicon BAHN.png

Stations/Other operators

There are many stations in and around KC for many types of modalities. Some are only open for inner-city transport, but most stations allow other companies to serve them as well.

More info will be added here

  • KC Central Station -The central station is the hub for intercity travel. From here, trains and busses operated by a variety of companies depart to go all over the world. This station also connects all the parts of the city with each other, linking for example to the airport (doesn't exist yet)

Government Agencies

Kaloro City, as head of the Kalorean Union, has a lot of Government agencies, of which only a few are listed here.

  • GKA HQ; It handles all millitary operations, maintenance on the future millitary stations and is responsible for border control.
  • Kaloro City Public Transport (Part of KTO); It is the organisation that handles all town-funded Public Transport.
  • Nature Council; This is the organisation that takes into account all harm the municipality does to the environment, and how to level it out.
  • Commercy and Trade Council; This council deals with all foreign affairs and how they affect Kaloro City.
  • Building Style Council; This council tries to make the buildings in Kaloro City look harmonious and has the power to change buildings if they don't follow their guidelines.
  • Housing Nature and Developement (HND); This is the Kaloro City organisation that oversees innovation and developement in Housing, Nature and Transport within the city. It's headquartered at Peace Ave 2, level 2, and contains at least the following members: Fiork.

Notable buildings/Sites

Kaloro City strives to become a huge and cultural important metropole. To archieve this, but mainly to increase the wealth of the citizens, every once in a while we build a significant project. This is a shortlist of some of the best parts of KC.

  • The Town Hall
  • Embassy Island
  • Parliament
  • K-2 Road
  • Kaloro City Metro System
  • Kaaskoppen HQ/Visitor's Centre

Political Decisions

Political Order #1

We, the Kalorean Political Advisory Committee, supported by the King, decide to change the seat distribution in the Epsilonian Republic. The Urban Kalorean Seats will be for Kalorean Interests, a party to be set up for the time being until a new, wider supported party can be set up. The Seats of Winterside will be distributed as follows: 1 to the Llama Libertarians, 1 to Liberal, 1 to Labour and 1 to the Worker's Party, in that order. This Political Order is to be followed through immediately with Winterside and the Republic of Epsilon. The results of the vote: 14 for, 2 against

Needn NL (talk) 11:35, 1 February 2020 (UTC)