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Kangaroo Air

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Kangaroo Air
Company Logo
CODE Callsign
Airline Flight Number Code Airline Callsign
Founded November 2018
Commenced operations December 2, 2018
Operating bases Main Base
Hubs Company Hub/Hubs
Focus cities Company Focus Cities
Frequent-flyer program Name of Company Frequent Flyer Club
Alliance SkyNation Alliance
Active flights 2
Destinations 3
Company slogan Company Slogan
Parent company Parent Company
Headquarters Headquarters Location
Key people
Assets Corporation/Holdings that own the company

Kangaroo Air is an airline owned by TheGreenKangaroo. This airline is a proud member of SkyNation Alliance.


Flight # One Airport Gate Other Airport Gate Status
KA62 West Mesa International Airport C6 Espil Ecilidae Airport 26 Operational
KA63 West Mesa International Airport C7 Fort Yaxier International Airport G10 Operational
KA64 West Mesa International Airport C8 Itomori Municipal Airfield A6 Planned
KA65 Itomori Municipal Airfield A6 Fort Yaxier International Airport G10 Planned