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Karakarawa dynmap.png
Karakarawa as seen from Dynmap
Flag of Karakarawa.png
Flag of Karakarawa
FoundedFebruary 29, 2020
CompletedApril 8, 2020
Coordinates20486, 63, -19431
WorldNew World
WardWard 2
Itokani Transit connectionsNimataka
No. of buildings34
Island landmarkUlu Lake

Karakarawa is the first island settlement of Itokani, located in the Northern Ocean in the region of Senikau. The island was built by McYoshi26, the mayor of Itokani. Construction of the island began on February 29, 2020, and was completed on April 8, 2020.

Karakarawa is notable for being the tourist-focused island of Itokani.


The docks in southern Karakarawa

With the opening of Zeta, MinecraftYoshi26 wanted to start a town in the Zeta region to start a true tropical island surrounded by a coral reef. Before the opening of Zeta, the island that is now Karakarawa was selected as his first build site to begin the town of Itokani.

During the early construction, the center mountain was purposefully kept as a nature preserve and surrounded by a jungle plank path. The first major point of construction was the Port of Karakarawa, where the first franchise spaces and docks were built. Following the construction of the dock, terracotta buildings were built at the center of the island surrounding Ulu Lake.

After almost all buildings were constructed in the town, the nature preserve was given a make-over and redone. The trees, like the other palm trees on the island, were placed to decorate the island and make the island more tropical.

Following the furnishing of all the buildings on the island, the beach was then decorated with paths, a lighthouse, two tiki bars, towels, beach chairs, campfires, and more. The final build on the island was Wasea Bridge, which finished off the final path connections. The island was considered fully completed once the official map of the island was created and placed in the Karakarawa Blathers Memorial Museum.

The island, alone, was used to evaluate Itokani for the Mayor rank and received it after gaining endorsements from cal76 and chiefbozx.

On July 29, 2020, the town hall was removed from the Karakarawa Blathers Memorial Museum to its permanent location on the island of Koroturaga.


The northern portion of the island

The island is named after the Fijian word for 'blue', which is reflected in the flag's colors. A few builds on the island are named after Fijian words. The Rarama Lighthouse is named after the Fijian word for 'light'. Wasea Bridge is named after the Fijian word for 'share'. Ulu Lake is named after the Fijian word for 'head'.

A number of the buildings' names are references to pop culture, people, and places. AILIX Bar & Restaurant is named after Xilia as Yellowitcher helped build it. Author's Attic is a reference to a franchise from McYoshi26's other town of Port Scarlet. Cakery Corner is a franchise that is in McYoshi26's other major towns on the New World. The two tiki bars are named after the two starting tribes in the real-life reality game show series Survivor: Winners at War. Ernest's Abode is a reference to Ernest Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea. Karakarawa Blathers Memorial Museum & Cafe and Nook's Cranny are both named after characters of the same name from Animal Crossing, a video game franchise. Restaurant "the grove" is named after the shopping center of the same name in Los Angeles. The zetterstrand gallery is named after the artist who made the in-game paintings.

xvi styles is a reference to the 16 in-game dyes.

Several buildings and stalls are named after puns, such as The Piless acting as a reference to the hotel's original lack of a bathroom.


Situated in the Northern Ocean, the island is in the middle of the region of Senikau. Karakarawa is in the middle of the Wananavu Reef. The waters surrounding the island are a warm ocean, showing a light blue tint.

In relation to other settlements, the closest other island is Nimataka (known at the time as Rabalevu), which is still in the Senikau region. The closest settlement at the time of the island's completion not in the Senikau region is the island of Hosk northeast of the island.


Karakarawa has a total of 34 buildings. This count does not include the open-air stalls nor bathroom facilities.

The following is a comprehensive list of buildings on the island:


Itokani Local Boats take passengers to other islands in Itokani. Karakarawa is connected to Waitui at Karakarawa Tourist Dock on the southern portion of the island and Nimataka at the Wanananavu Reef Tour Dock on the easternmost point of the island.