Kenthurst-Formosa-Sealane Canal

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Kenthurst-Formosa-Sealane Canal
Cities servedKenthurst, Formosa, Sealane
ManagersCamelfantasy, Aliksong
Builders/HelpersAliksong, BaronThamesBank, Frozen, lalaboy, Member_Me, BangtanSky, Narnia17, thomasfyfe, Mjpwwf.

The Kenthurst-Formosa-Sealane Canal (KFSC) is an artificial canal between Kenthurst, Formosa and Sealane.

The main part of this canal runs between Kenthurst and Formosa. On the southeastern end of the canal, there is a river linking the canal to Sealane as well (however this section is primarily for military use by the AFS and FAF), thus serving the majority of UCWT. The northwestern end links with the Grand Canal of Kenthurst, which then provides two passageways to Lake Capricorn and beyond. This allows Formosa and Sealane to have a maritime connection to the rest of the New World.

The Kenthurst-Formosa-Sealane Canal is the first of many infrastructure projects to improve transport within the inner Ward 7 region of the New World.

Formosa Arm

The Formosa Arm runs from west from the Formosa Convention Center to a natural lake where it connects to the Kenthurst Arm. Construction took place between January 17 and 18, 2016.


The Formosa Arm was managed by Camelfantasy, and was built with the help of many people. The main body of the Formosa Arm was w/e by BaronThamesBank, the walls and ground being w/e by Frozen and lalaboy, terraforming being done by Member_Me and BangtanSky, terraforming and the curve/joining of the two arms being done by Narnia17 and thomasfyfe, and later more terraforming and the making of a bridge by Mjpwwf.

Kenthurst Arm

The Kenthurst Arm runs from the natural lake south of the CitiRail drawbridge to Kenthurst city. The Kenthurst Arm was planned and built by Aliksong using his wooden axe. The canal continues as the Formosa Arm upon reaching the south side of the CitiRail drawbridge. Construction was completed by Aliksong on 20 January 2016 after many hours of labour. Due to the mountainous terrain this arm of the canal goes through, a number of tunnels were carved to accommodate the canal and there is a height limit of 4.5m for all vessels traversing through this arm of the canal.


Several harbors/dockyards with direct connections to the canal are planned to be built around Formosa for public, commercial, private, and military use.