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Flag of Kaktus Republic.jpeg This city is a proud member of the Kaktus Republic Flag of Kaktus Republic.jpeg
Kǎi dì shì
Kevutoropporisu ichi
Flag of Kevtropolis.png Kevtropolis1.png
Town Officials
Mayor KevAKAtheGr8
Deputy Mayor Conric005
MRT  JN9  Kevtropolis Central
Bus  /krt/ bus 1  Central - Broadway - Lakeside
Kevtropolis Bus Harbour
Roadways  B23  (WIP)
Nearest Airport Kevtropolis Heliport
Rail  /krt/ lrail Kiwi Line  Central - Broadway
Other transit Other transit - use
Facts and Figures
Population population, as provided by the town (please don't change all the time - maybe once a month)
Town Hall Coordinates Coordinates of the town hall
Founded 8-8-18
Recognized as town 9-9-18
Town Rank [Mayor]
State Kaktus Republic
Official Language(s) English, Mandarin, Japanese
World New
Post codes  KE2 
MPO Regional Protection Coalition, Cities Konnected
Ward(s) 2
City Phone Code 209 (country code +230)

The Republic of Kevtropolis is a town at  JN9  Kevtropolis Central in the Northwestern Epsilon Region of the New World. It was founded on August 8, 2018. The mayor is KevAKAtheGr8. The town declared independence a week after its founding. This city is a proud member of


Kevtropolis is currently a democracy with a city council building planned near the town hall. The cities of Birchwood and Sunshine Coast have embassies in the city, and Kevtropolis has an embassy in Birchwood. The city is a member of the Regional Protection Coalition. It is also a member of CK Open Borders, which allows visa-free movement between Kevtropolis and Carnoustie via passport gates in Kevtropolis Central and Carnoustie Grand Central. Although Kevtropolis is an independent state, it is not recognised as one by Spruce Plains as part of a peace treaty to end the city's invasion.

Fake History

On August 8, 1908, a group of settlers were riding an empty Jungle Line train in search of a new home. They found JN9-the perfect spot for a new town. They immediately named it 凯时间的不是简单介绍一下就会, or Kay time is not a simple introduction of the in English abd started a fishing town. It was later renamed Kevtropolis, or 凯城。 This was done due to large request by very confused visitors. A road (Broadway) was built from the MRT station to the edge of a lake, with a curve at the town hall, with many shops springing up. One of these shops on Broadway, was the first Kevmart which is a now growing grocery store chain.

Actual History

==Unranked Era

The starting days

On August 8th, 2018, mi_aquamarine wanted to start a town. With the help of AlfiePops he was able to claim  JN9  Kevtropolis Central. The first building was a 1-room town hall. The start of Broadway was a thin road, with the hill near the MRT station entrance was later known as the "Curve of Death" due to the steep 1:1 slope that had a curve. Some more buildings included mi_aquamarine's house, along with a building for 2 store space. It would later host KBS flagship station NKBS-TV and the first Kevmart.

The first franchises

The first franchises in Kevtropolis was the first Kevmart location, next to the shop building was a location of the small Kevmart-owned gas station chain Fuelco. Fun fact: Fuelco actually opened a couple days before Kevmart did. This period also saw the construction of the second AstroSlurp location. Kevtropolis took advantage of the space underneath the MRT bridge for franchises.


Shortly after Kevtropolis declared independence on 8-15-18, Spruce Plains and mayor shadowboarder invaded Kevtropolis. This was the only time where Kevtropolis military forces engaged in combat. The two troops met just outside the Kevmart building. The city hall had had a large flag constructed on it, along with a cannon. It wasn't all gloom, though, as some events such as Kevmart opening for the first time, along with KRT planning the first bus route. However, it wouldn't be active for a while. A week later on 8-22-18, the two cities signed a treaty with the condition that Kevtropolis would not be recognised as independent by Spruce Plains.

Councillor Era

Transit Boom

After gaining Councillor, KRT started to improve transit a lot. Firstly, KRT opened the first bus line, with the advantage of warps.


Level 1 ($30-60 fine)

  • Jaywalking
  • Alcohol (outside permitted areas)
  • Smoking (outside permitted areas)
  • Griefing (duh)
  • Littering

Level 2 ($60-100 fine)

  • Running a red light
  • Speeding
  • Failing to give proper right-of-way

Level 3 ($100-120 fine)

  • Racial violence
  • Unfair racial treatment
  • Underage smoking/drinking

Level 4 ($120+ fine, possible jail/detention)

  • Homicide
  • Pollution
  • Attempt to bring illegal items into public areas, immigration points, transit centres, etc.
  • Fraud
  • Scamming people
  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Attempt to use fake/illegally obtained ID
  • Attempt to jam any broadcast signal
  • Transit fare evasion
  • Parking in reserved/handicapped spaces
  • Refusing to pay a fine
  • Not giving up a KRT priority seat

Traffic Enforcement

Although Kevtropolis was not really meant for Ucars in the first place, it does still have strict methods of traffic control. To enforce the no-jaywalking law, crossing signals have secret cameras embedded. Pedestrian right-of-way signs also have cameras embedded into them. Speed cameras also have the ability to sense the speeding. However, speed cameras are warned in advance to drivers. If the artificial intelligence detects an offence, it will secretly sound alarm to traffic control centre, which can only be picked up on special radio tuned to certain frequencies. Residents have remembered these alerts, as they occasionally make their way onto local Kevtropolis Broadcasting Service affiliate NKBS-TV.

Fuel type regulations

Similar to Carnoustie, Kevtropoplis has strict laws on car fuel. Cars can be hybrid or electric, however fully gas cars are prohibited. The only exception to this are emergency vehicles. To prepare for this law, Kevtropolis Rapid Transit converted from diesel buses to electric buses supplied by AutoDesignZ. Since the law was issued, Kevtropolis has two fuel pump types. E-pumps are electric pumps, marked on the top with a lime E. These are the most common pumps at gas stations. F-pumps are gas pumps for hybrid cars, and are marked by a blue F. These are less common at gas stations, with only one F-pump per station, to comply with laws requiring gas stations to have at least 1 F-pump.

Signs showing prices for E and F type pumps at a Fuelco gas station. The cheaper price for E-pumps are to encourage the use of electric cars.


  • The Japanese name for Riverside (Rīvāsaido) should be spelled as リーヴァーサイド but signs already said リヴァアサイド instead. By the time the spelling error was noticed, it was too late to redo all the signs. Oh well!
  • The channel number for the city's main TV station (23) is also used by a local TV station where mi_aquamarine lives IRL.
  • The Kevtropolis flag Drop was first used on an old MCPE world.
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