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kǎi shì
ケ ヴ ト ッ ッ ポ リ ub
Flag of Kevtropolis.png Kevtropolis1.png
Town Officials
Deputy Mayor Conric005
MRT  JN9  Kevtropolis Central
Bus   '/ krt / bus 1  Central - Broadway - Lakeside
Kevtropolis Bus Harbor
Nearest Airport Kevtropolis Heliport
Rail   '/ krt / lrail Kiwi Line  Area - Broadway
Other transit This transit - use
Facts and Figures
Population population, depending on the city (please change at all times - or once a month)
State People's Republic of Montego
World New
Post codes   KE2 
MPO Guardians of the Heart of the Heart, Cities Konnected
Ward(s) 2
City Phone Code 209 (government code +230)

Welcome to " 'Kevtropolis' "' / iole >!
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Kevtropolis is a town in  JN9  Kevtropolis Central in the Western Hemisphere of the New World. Established on August 8, 2018. King's KevAKAtheGr8. The independent city announced a week after its acquisition. This city is a proud member of []

Avoid =

Kevtropolis is currently in the know with a planned township education near the town hall. Birchwood and Sunshine Coast are ambassadors to the city, and Kevtropolis is an embassy in Birchwood. It is a municipality of the city Regional Protection Coalition. He is also a member of the Open Borders, which allows free travel between Kevtropolis and [[Carnoustie] via passports at Kevtropolis Central and Carnoustie Grand Central. Although Kevtropolis is an independent state, it is not known to anyone in Spruce Plains as a peace treaty to end the city's accession.



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Fake machine

On August 8, 1908, a group of residents rode along the Jungle Line train station in search of a new home. They see JN9 — the perfect place for a new city. They immediately dropped 凯 时间 的 不是 简单 介绍 一下 就会, or 'Kay time is not a simple basic of the' in English and start a fishing town. "Kevtropolis," or " 凯 城。 '" This was done at the request of the most serious visitors. A street (Broadway) was built from the MRT site to the corner of the lake, with a garage in the town hall, with many buildings rising.One of these stores on Broadway is the Kevmart thrift store which is currently growing.

The official record

== Unranked Era

Start dates

On August 8th, 2018, mi_aquamarine wants to start a city. With the help of AlfiePops can require {{st | j | JN9}). The first building was the main floor of building 1. The opening of Broadway was a freeway, with a hill near the entrance to the MRT building later known as "The Curve of Death "based on a 1: 1 angle of tension. Other houses include the mi_aquamarine house, including a store for store 2. It will serve as the backdrop for the KBS NKBS-TV booth and the former [Kevmart].

The first cats

The first franchises in Kevtropolis were Kevmart's predecessor, close to the warehouse which was part of the Kevmart-owned retail store Fuelco. Fact: Fuelco is open a few days before Kevmart does. This work also saw the construction of the AstroSlurp pit. Kevtropolis used the desert under the MRT guidance for the planets.


Kevtropolis soon announced independence on 8-15-18, with Spruce Plains and the governors shadeboarder from Kevtropolis. This was the only time the Kevtropolis troops had been mobilized. The two groups met outside the Kevmart building. It is a large wall built in lunand of the town and township. That's not a bad thing, though, according to some events such as the opening of Kevmart for the first time, with the fact that KRT is planning the first bus route. But do not want a short break. In a week from 8-22-18, two cities signed an agreement with the state of Kevtropolis that it was not approved by Spruce Plains.

Councilor Era

Transit Boom

After receiving the Councilor, KRT began to improve transit. First, KRT opened the front line, with warps on it.


Level 1 (¥ 3000- ¥ 6000 fine)

  • Jaywalking
  • Dog (in places allowed)
  • Smoking (except where permitted)
  • Damn (duh)
  • Littering

Level 2 (¥ 6000- ¥ 10000 fine)

  • Running a red light
  • Speed
  • Failure to provide adequate coverage

Level 3 (¥ 10000- ¥ 12000 fine)

  • Competitive competitive performance
  • Non-competitive performance
  • Drink / drink delivery center

Rule 4 (¥ 12000 + good, can be fixed / fixed)

  • Suicide
  • Bathroom
  • Ability to take non-essentials into public spaces, fishing areas, transit areas, etc.
  • Thief
  • External clients
  • Characters
  • The net
  • Attempting to use invalid / invalid IDs
  • Attempt to add a hover signal
  • Failure to pay transitario fare on any city driver
  • Available in disposable / hand held locations
  • Denial of payment

Relative to the electric sea

While Kevtropolis was not a real source for Ucars at first, there was still a strong sense of drive. To enforce the no-jaywalking law, the signs added to the camera's secrets. Legs are the Pedestrian's right fit as the cameras put into them. Speed ​​cameras have a tendency to accelerate. However, speed cameras have been taught to the guides. If local information detects a criminal, it will be kept secret at a frequency in the center of the vehicle's end, accessible only on special radios that are displayed at certain frequencies. So Carnoustie, Kevtropoplis has strict rules on firewood. Access to or wireless may be possible, but engineers are not allowed. The only exception to these tour buses. To prepare for this legislation, Kevtropolis Rapid Transit has moved from face to face parts provided by AutoDesignZ. Since the enactment of the law, Kevtropolis has received two firearms. "'E-pumps are electric vehicles, marked on the lime E. This is the norm for pumps in airports." 'F-pumps' "machines kit for hybrid cars, and is marked by a blue F. These reduce emissions, with only one F-pump per unit, to enforce regulations that require gas fuel to operate. get it. minimum 1 F-pump.

signs showing prices for E and F tickets at the Fuelco shopping center. The low cost to E-pumps will encourage the use of electric vehicles. Please note that before this the currency has changed.


  • The Japanese name for Riverside (Rīvāsaido) should be taken as ー ヴ ァ ー サ イ ド but the warning signs have already said ヴ ァ ア サ イ ド ド but. Once an error has been identified, it is too late to be able to repair all of the symptoms. That's good!
  • The default TV character number (23) is to be used in the TV character of the city where mi_aquamarine resides.
  • The Kevtropolis flag Drop was once used in an ancient MCPE world.
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