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Kevtropolis Heliport

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Kevtropolis Heliport
IATA:  KTH – ICAO: none
Airport type Heliport
Owner mi_aquamarine
Operator Kevtropolis Rapid Transit
Serves Kevtropolis
Location Kevtropolis
Built 3-10-19
In use 3-10-19-

Kevtropolis Heliport is a two gate Heliport on top of  JN9  Kevtropolis Central.


To be filled by mi_aquamarine ONLY

Gate Status Destination Airline Flight Number
1 Status: Service Good.png Open Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport FlyKaktus.png KA001
2 Status: Service Good.png Open Creeperville University Heliport
Souslow Heliport
FlyCreeperLogo.png FC098H