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Alert.png Note: Khan has been acquired by The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham as such the former Khan area will be converted to an Olympic area which will be able to host sporting and cultural events. F4/I4 will be renamed to Royal Ferry Kensington (Olympia)in preparation for the redevelopment of the area Alert.png
Town officials
Mayor HurricaneNathan
Deputy Mayor None as of yet
MRT  F4 - I4 
Facts and figures
Population 1+
Town hall coordinates 497, 1904
Founded November 2014
Town rank Member

Khan is a growing town located at  F4 - I4  on the new world. The goal of this town is to vaguely resemble the mayor's (HurricaneNathan's) hometown while largely remaining WorldEdit free.


There isn't much history behind Khan at the time of writing (July 7, 2015), but the real-life counterpart was a pivotal point in the American Revolutionary War. To stay with the goal of the town, I hope to make replicas of historical monuments here found in the actual town.

As for my own history with Khan, I came on as a guest scouting for a location after submitting a member application. I settled upon  F4 - I4  and things took a massive turn for the worst; my internet died for a week. Luckily, though, the station was never taken and now it hosts the cheapest apartment building with a view on the MRT server (Khan Apartments), as well as 3 hand-made interchanges (1 sensible; 2 messy) coming from  B57 .

What's Here?

Not much really. Khan is very much still in the planning and construction stages, though I will accept applications for building plots as they come in. There is Khan Apartments (under construction) which is an entirely hand-made 15-floor skyscraper with a rooftop garden. It can be accessed via Bensavage Ave., where no other buildings have been built so far. Even if this article winds up being out of date, the building is really hard to miss. Another attraction here is the headquarters of HurricaneNathan Industries, Inc. (or HNII; very much in the planning stages) on the other side of town. There is a billboard advertising it on the northern side of town in front of Khan Apartments. Again, this billboard is hard to miss, like HNII HQ once it's finished.

Building Laws

Your building's purpose may only be what is shown on the sign in front of the plot. The commercial area (Main St. on the mountain and Chorpenning St.) and industrial area (the rest of Main St. and Mountain Crest Hwy.) are the only places that WorldEdit is allowed here, as I'd like to keep Khan as vanilla as possible.