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King of the Pressure Plate

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King of the Pressure Plate
Three of over thousands of pressure plates are correct. Where could it be?
A game show and tournament show features finding a correct pressure plate.

FAIR WARNING: This is Duechayapol's first game ever on the MRT server. May expect some issues.

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King of The Pressure Plate
Game Overview
Idea Created September 18, 2014
Game Show Start -
Game Show End -
Category Game Shows, Tournament
Number of Seasons - (planned one)
Created By Duechayapol
Hosted By Duechayapol

King of the pressure plate

King of the pressure plate is a game show inspired by one of Japanese game show, King of Chair. This shows features 18 contestants that will hunt for pressure plates to win a game.

King of the pressure plate FAQs

What is this show?

This show is all about finding a pressure plate to win the game show. There are about thousands of pressure plates and only 3 are correct ones. When someone steps on the wrong pressure plate, sometimes he or she will get punishments like slowness or blindness etc. When all of 3 are founded. Everyone will compete in the final challenge which is a game of luck.

How can I participate?

You can now participate by completing the application. Here
WARNING: The application will be closed on the end of October 2014.

When will be the first episode of this season? (Season 1)

The first episode and possibly a second episode will be played sometime around October.

Can I spectate?

You can not spectate in this show. Because the spectators might give hints to a contestant and he or she might get more advantage than the other contestants.

Show Format


The contestants are choose by the survey that posted in the wiki page or in the chat. The first season is planned to have 6 people per each sets. (A,B,C) The contestants will be chosen randomly by list generator so that the contestants will be separated to sets fairly. The places for each set will be chosen randomly. Also, the time for the sets will be different from the other sets.

The First Challenge

The first challenge will take place in one of the places chosen (city,mansion,school etc.). There will be over thousands of pressure plates placed in one of the places chosen. In the over thousands of pressure plates, there will be 3 pressure plates that lead 3 contestants to be the first,second and third (depend on the time) to take on the final challenge.


During the first challenge, some pressure plates that are wrong sometimes gives punishment. The punishment includes: slowness effect, blindness effect, a killer that will kills a contestant that steps a punishment pressure plate, a break for 1-3 minutes and a punishment that a contestant have to do a challenge before continuing. However, if a contestant has a 'Punishment Pass". He or she won't get a punishment when step on a pressure plate. This pass is only 1 time use and given very rarely. Also, the punishment plates are at least 20% of all the pressure plates.

Rewards Pressure Plate

The rewards pressure plate is a very rare pressure plate found during the first challenge. There are about 5-10% of all pressure plates. The rewards include: Punishment Pass, Up-Rank Pass, Lucky Pass which makes a pressure plate to be also the right one on the final challenge, a power to give a contestant a break for about 1-3 minutes, a power that makes a contestant to do a challenge before continuing on. This pressure plate will give some contestants advantage. (without a cheating method: a spectator telling place where the correct pressure plate is.)


Punishment Pass

This pass is obtained by stepping on one of the rewards pressure plate. It helps a contestant to not receive a punishment. This pass is 1 time use only.
This pass is introduced in season 1.

Up-Rank Pass

This pass is also obtained by stepping on one of the rewards pressure plate. It helps to up one rank on the normal contestant field (4th,5th,6th). However, if a contestant is on 4th rank, this might be useless to him/her. This pass is 1 episode use only and can not be obtained more than 1.
This pass is also introduced in season 1.

Lucky Pass

This pass is obtained by stepping on one of the rewards pressure plate. It helps to eliminate one pressure plate that are not correct to be a correct one. This pass is only 1 time use.
This pass is also introduced in season 1.

The Final Challenge

The final challenge will take place in studio 1 of Duechayapol Production Studio (on gamma server). This challenge will consist of luck. There will be 3 pressure plates that a contestant will choose one. On that pressure plates, 1 of them is correct. If a contestant guess wrong, he or she will wait for his or her next turn. The order is assign according to the rank of the first challenge (first,second and third). The rest will be assign according to their registration order. If two of the contestant step on the right pressure plate, they will advance to the final round. When everyone turns are done, they will do it again and again until someone steps on the correct pressure plate.

Final Round

The final round will occur when all of the sets are played. First, they will compete in the first challenge but they will find six pressure plates that are correct. The rules of the first challenge applies to the first part of the final round. Next, they will compete to find 3 pressure plates which everyone have to step on (one at a time) according to the order (Wood -> Stone -> Iron). Then, the first one to reach the final pressure plate (Gold) will be the overall winner of king of the pressure plate.


Season 1: The Start of Hunting

Main Article

This season is a very first season of this show.


Coming very soon.