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Kitania Airport Authority

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The Kitania Airport Authority is the government agency of the City-State of Kitania which operates airports within cities of the City-State of Kitania.


Airport Regulations

At every airport operated by the Kitania Airport Authority, certain regulations are in place which must be followed by the airlines that fly to the airports.

  • All airport property is the exclusive property of the Kitania Airport Authority. No airline possesses any material property at the airport.
  • Airlines may not modify the airport in any means not explicitly allowed by the Kitania Airport Authority.
  • All flights at an airport must fly to unique destinations. Three-stop flights may share a destination but each flight must have a destination not serviced by another airline.
  • The Kitania Airport Authority retains the right to remove any plane, flight, or other airline facility at an operated airport with or without notice, for any reason or lack thereof.
  • These rules may be changed at any time with or without notice.
  • Airlines may be exempted from these rules under special circumstances under the discretion of the Kitania Airport Authority. This exemption may be lifted at any time.
  • IntraAir is exempted from all of the above rules.