Kitania Intelligence Agency

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Additional Information
DivisionsKIA Intelligence & Security
KIA Armed Forces
KIA Police
JurisdictionCity-State of Kitania

The Kitania Intelligence Agency, more commonly known simply as the KIA, is the government agency of the City-State of Kitania responsible for intelligence, security, defense, and law enforcement operations.

The KIA is split into three main divisions which control all operations: KIA Intelligence & Security, KIA Armed Forces, and KIA Police.

KIA Intelligence & Security is responsible mainly for foreign intelligence and security operations, as well as any other operations that would not fall under the command of the other divisions of the KIA. The full division name is not commonly used externally, with its subdivisions simply branding themselves as part of the KIA

The KIA Armed Forces is the KIA's military wing, acting as the principle military force of the City-State of Kitania. Split into ground, aerial, and naval subdivisions, the KIA Armed Forces is tasked from defending the City-State of Kitania from foreign attack and conducting military operations in foreign regions.

The KIA Police is the law enforcement division of the KIA, operating in the provinces of the City-State of Kitania. The KIA Police is responsible for the internal security and policing of the City-State of Kitania's provinces.

Each division is described in detail on their own wiki pages. This page deals mainly with the KIA as a whole.


The KIA, like most of the early City-State of Kitania central government agencies, existed as agencies of the city of Kitania, before a massive government reconstruction took place which established the City-State of Kitania, of which Kitania was a province.

The KIA was originally founded as Kitania's intelligence agency, but it expanded into a general security, police, and military authority. In essence, it acts now as a general security agency, but maintains its original name.

The KIA later decided to restructure itself to make distinctions between the different activities it conducted. The KIA Surveillance Division, KIA Armed Forces Division, and KIA Police Division were established. The KIA Armed Forces Division and KIA Police Division dropped "Division" from their official name later on, adopting their commonly used names, and the KIA Surveillance Division was renamed to KIA Intelligence & Security.


The KIA is a diverse agency. Its mission statement is to protect the City-State of Kitania, externally and internally, and its interests, and execute the City-State's foreign policy. The different aspects of the KIA's operations in which it seeks to achieve this mission statement are fulfilled by the three KIA divisions and their sub-divisions.

KIA Intelligence & Security is responsible for the general intelligence, security, covert, and other miscellaneous activities of the KIA. The most diverse of the KIA divisions, KIA Intelligence & Security conducts operations including intelligence gathering, non-military covert operations, escort of important government officials including the President, and security operations in certain foreign areas.

The KIA Armed Forces executes military-related aspects of the City-State of Kitania's foreign policy. It is split into an army, navy, and air force. The army conducts combat and other operations on terrain, the navy conducts naval and amphibious operations, and the air force conducts areal operations. The army uses trucks, jeeps, tanks, motorcycles, and drones, the navy uses warships and other boats, and the air force uses fighter jets and airships.

The KIA Police, in contrast to the other divisions, is primarily responsible for maintaining order within the City-State of Kitania as part of its domestic policy. The KIA Police is split into different sub-divisions. The KIA Police Patrol Unit refers to itself simply as "KIA Police", while the other sub-divisions refer to themselves by name depending on their responsibilities.


The President of the City-State of Kitania has direct control over the KIA and all of its operations, similarly to the City-State of Kitania's other government agencies. The President directs all KIA activities.


The KIA employs a vast array of KIA Agents to operate the different divisions of the KIA. KIA Agents are trained extensively for possible placement in any KIA division, and are then assigned to a division based on what divisions need agents and the agents' unique talents. All KIA Agents wear a uniform consisting of a blue shirt, dark grey pants, and light grey boots, the colors of the City-State of Kitania. To distinguish them from KIA Agents, other government agencies of the City-State of Kitania use an all blue uniform.

The KIA also employs numerous KIA Civilian Employees, as part of the KIA Civilian Employee Bureau. These are not considered to be KIA agents but are rather civilian employees of the KIA. They wear a uniform consisting of a blue shirt and pink pants and boots.

Chain of Command

The chain of command of the KIA is a ranking of the different officials within the KIA and their seniority over others within the KIA. The list below is in order from top down.

Title Description
President Head of State and leader of the KIA.
High Chief Highest ranking officers below the President. In charge of the three KIA divisions.
Chief In charge of KIA subdivisions.
Captain In charge of individual sectors.
Agent All personnel below Captain.