Knoxford Burgers

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Knoxford Burgers
Company Information
Founder and Owner Bern Cow
Date of Founding 5/22/17
Location of Founding Knoxford
Location of Headquarters Knoxford (planned)

Knoxford Burgers is a Burger Joint on the MRT server created by BernCow

Get Your own

If you would like a Knoxford burgers in your town, contact BernCow by chat or talk page.

Store Types

  • Standard 1 floor 15$
  • Large 2 floors 25$
  • Flagship 1 floor with outdoor seating 20$
  • Flagship Large 2 floors with outdoor seating 30$
  • custom a store custom made for buyer price may vary

List of Stores

  • Knoxford Flagship