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Kolpino City

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Kolpino City
Town officials
Mayor MishkaMan
Deputy mayor Detroit_Kitteh
Founder MishkaMan
Sheriff PizzaTwins
MRT  M18  Kolpino
Facts and figures
World New
Rank [Premier]
Other Information
Sister Cities Spruce Neck, Janghwa City, Formosa
Nation Volkov Nation
Kolpino offers many townhouses, each to be filled with different franchises and residences of different players.
Kolpino is connected with different cities via train, water, and road.
This is the western border of Kolpino, which has townhouses and boats.
Kolpino has a large theater called Lubov Theater which is named after the word "love" in Russian due to its style.
The Kolpino Cathedral
Kolpino's energy comes from here!
Kolpino offers many emergency services (Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital)

Kolpino City is a city owned by MishkaMan. The Deputy Mayor is Detroit_Kitteh, and the Sheriff is PizzaTwins. The nearest MRT Station is  M18  Kolpino.


Kolpino City was created on July 22nd, 2015. The first build in Kolpino City was the City Hall located next to the M18 station. Businesses such as Feline Holdings and LeafCorp were some of the first businesses put in the city. The city inclues many builds such as a courthouse, the Lubov Theater, a concert hall, and many other builds that are being built and are planned.

The reason Kolpino is called so is because most of my family lives in a city in Russia called Kolpino. My city is filled with many different styles of builds. Kolpino already has 2 rails that have begun construction, and 1 rail that is complete. The city has a metro that is still being developed and buses are planned. The Kolpino Needle is the landmark of Kolpino (along with the Kolpino Arch). In the Needle, you go on an elevator to reach different elevations from where you can see the beautiful Kolpino skyline and all the amazing builds inside. Kolpino offers a large variety of franchises. Many of them come from The Mishka Company, which holds its headquarters right in Kolpino downtown. Kolpino also has 1 road connection with the nearby town, Tenepi. We have also started construction on a road that connects Kolpino with Daneburg.

The city has a canal connecting to a river nearby which also acts as a border with Mecklenburg.

Current News

New bus lines and metro lines are currently under construction and are being planned!

Rail lines are currently being built or planned by Derpy Melon and JohnNotTech, FredTheTimeLord, nktrain, and others.

Construction of the rail connection with Matheson has resumed with MIKE24DUDE in charge of the project now.

An InterContinental Hotel is planned to be built by Hnt in downtown Kolpino.

Kolpino is now connected with Espil and Ilirea via B750!


1. Please do not spam the Mayors for positions in the city.

2. No Griefing at all.

3. Please ask if you want to build something in the city.

4. (NOT REQUIRED) We encourage everyone who builds in the city to modernize their builds.

5. Please destroy any minecarts that aren't in use.


Kolpino City is connected with Central City. If anyone would like a bus connection, I'd be happy to get that done. I have bus parking spaces inside the loop road of the airport.

There are many connections that Kolpino has with other towns. Kolpino is connected by road with Daneburg at the very western part of Kolpino City near the docks and townhouses. Kolpino is also connected with Espil via the B750. The road starts in northern Kolpino right next to the connection with Tenepi (M17). Kolpino is also connected via rail. There are currently 3 rails that have finished construction in Kolpino, but aren't complete. RegionalConnect has 1 stop in Kolpino in the northern part near the downtown, and also a rail is being built alongside the south border of the city that is to connect with Matheson. autobus22 is building a RaiLinQ in Kolpino that is running alongside the southside of Kolpino and to be connected with Daneburg and auto's town - Bexley. IntraRail has a line which runs on the south side of Kolpino to Espil, which stops at two stations, including one at the airport. Kolpino also has 2 current connections with the MRT Marina and Vermilion Waterport.

Kolpino also has a metro and bus lines. Kolpino's metro is undergoing repair and renovation. Here is a link to Kolpino's current metro stations and lines (credits to Rednax_AP) -

Kolpino City Airport (KPC Airport)

This section will be edited with information about the airport after all destinations and plane - pasting processes are complete. Thanks!


I would like to apologize to everyone for not doing something about my airport for such a long time. I have hired _Kastle to work on the airport.


Gate requests are closed for the moment. Planes are being pasted into spaces. Thank you to everyone who applied. Please don't be mad at me if you didn't get a gate - understand that my goal is to get destinations to different and distant towns that I cannot connect to by a road.


All transportation information about Kolpino is found on the Kolpino City Transportation page. You will find information and maps of the metro, bus, trains, roads, and boats.

Here is a current list of rails in Kolpino:

- PMWC Eastern Express
- RegionalConnect
- NKTransit
- Fred Rail
- IntraRail
- Matheson - Kolpino City - Royalston Rail (In Construction)
- Rail by mikefishr
- RaiLinQ
- BluRail
- IliRail
- Kolpino City Metro System

Helpers Wanted

If anyone would like to connect via train, bus, or rail just let me know via /mail or message me in-game. Kolpino City is planned to become larger and we highly encourage everyone to build something here - perhaps a house, a business, or you can claim an apartment. Anyone who helps out Kolpino City is greatly appreciated.

Businesses in Kolpino

If you see any mistakes or franchises not added - PLEASE correct them!

Previous station Next station
 M17  Foobar
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Evella
 M18  Kolpino City  M19  Foobar
towards Heampstead