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Kolpino City

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Kolpino City
Clockwise from top: Kolpino City skyline, Kolpino Power Plant, Kolpino Cathedral, Lubov Theater, Kolpino City townhouses along Alik Arterial
Flag of Kolpino City.png
Flag of Kolpino City
Deputy MayorDetroit_Kitteh
City recognition
Date foundedJuly 22, 2015
Date recognized as MayorSeptember 12, 2015
Date recognized as SenatorDecember 24, 2015
Date recognized as GovernorJune 25, 2016
Date recognized as PremierJune 9, 2019
Town hall coordinates-4311, 74, 3787
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
MRT M18  Kolpino City
Road connectionsA76
Air facilitiesKolpino City Airport
Rail facilitiesSee: Third-party rail
Water transit facilitiesKolpino City Marina
Local transitKolpino City Metro System
No. of buildings227+
Landmark(s)Kolpino Needle
Political affiliations
StateVolkov Nation

Kolpino City, or sometimes simply Kolpino, is a Premier city founded and owned by MishkaMan, located at M18 on the MRT Mesa Line. Kolpino City was founded in 2015.

Kolpino City was promoted to Premier at the June 2019 GSM, nearly four years after its foundation.


The first building in Kolpino City, the Kolpino City Hall

Kolpino City was founded on July 22, 2015, by MishkaMan. Kolpino City was named after the city Kolpino in Russia, where MishkaMan's family lives. The first building built in Kolpino City was the Kolpino City Hall, with build assistance from Deputy Mayor Detroit_Kitteh and Sheriff PizzaTwins. When building the city, MishkaMan aimed to fill the town with various styles and architecture.

Feline Holdings and LeafCorp were some of the first businesses that built a franchise in the city.

In the summer of 2016, Kolpino City became connected to other cities. Roads were developed connecting to Kolpino City, including connections to Daneburg and Utopia. RaiLinQ installed stations in the city. Bus lines and metro lines were opened within the city.

In 2017, a canal was built connecting to a nearby river, serving as a border with Mecklenburg. Around the same time, Kolpino City Airport was built by _Kastle.

Kolpino City was promoted to Premier at the June 2019 GSM.


Kolpino City is located in southwestern Gamma at M18 on the MRT Mesa Line. Kolpino City is mainly in a plains biome surrounded by desert. As Kolpino City had mostly covered the whole plains biome area, the city expanded into desert terrain.

Kolpino City's two direct neighbors, Daneburg and Mecklenberg, are separated by a river in the west. Other nearby settlements include Waverly to the northwest, Tenepi to the north, Utopia and Bexley to the east, and Pelham and Avalon to the south.


The Kolpino City local transit routes: the Kolpino City Metro (top) and the Kolpino City local bus network (bottom)

Kolpino City's Transportation Department deals with controlling Kolpino City's buses, trains, boats, and roads.


The Kolpino City Metro has three lines: the Red Line, Blue Line, and Lime Line. The Blue Line terminates in the Waterfront District, the Green Line terminates in Tenepi, and the Red Line terminates in eastern Kolpino City.

The stations were planned to be renovated with technology from BART; however, the plan fell through.


Kolpino City has buses to other cities at the parking lot outside of Kolpino City Airport. Companies that serve the airport include Seabeast Buses, UtopiBus, and Segville Buses.

Local buses

The western side of Kolpino has a functioning bus system. The buses route travel in a loop.

Kolpino City Airport

The Kolpino City Airport (KCA) is the main air facility in Kolpino City. It was constructed by _Kastle in 2017.


Boats at the Kolpino City Marina

As of July 2019, Kolpino City has four destinations served by Port Chelsea at the Kolpino Marina in the western Waterfront District: Deadbush, the Hummingbird Islands, Morihama, MRT Marina, Pixl, and Vermilion.

Third-party rail

Several rail companies serve Kolpino City, including IntraRail, RaiLinQ, RegionalConnect, BluRail, Fred Rail, Network South Central, PMW Commuter, and NKTransit. RaiLinQ has four stations in Kolpino City: Kolpino Airport Station, Kolpino Embassy Lane, Kolpino City Station, and Kolpino North Station. IntraRail has two stations in Kolpino City: Kolpino City Airport and Kolpino Lubov Avenue. BluRail has one station in Kolpino City: Kolpino City Airport Station.


Kolpino City is served by the A76 in the north, the B750 in the east, and the A746 in the south.

List of buildings

Kolpino City Fire Station

Kolpino City has approximately 227 buildings.

  • The Russian Restaurant
  • The Leaf Supply
  • The Green Leaf
  • Fuel n' Go
  • Catronics
  • 69fry
  • Ben & Jeremy's
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • In-N-Out Burger Deluxe
  • The Redstone Consultancy
  • The Prestige Hotel
  • The Coffee House
  • Tim Hortons
  • Game Shop
  • Derek Jeter's Taco Hole
  • Ammu-Nation Shooting Range
  • Sonamu
  • Gas stations
  • Math Gym Tutoring
  • SteakJP!
  • Kolpino Gym
  • Kolpino Local Groceries
  • Kolpino Apartments
  • The Ocean Bar & Grill
  • Kolpino Theater
  • The Laundry Palace
  • Prubourne Steak
  • Prubourne Steakhouse
  • PenaFoods Restaurant
  • Breadland Cafe
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Starbucks
  • Rapid Coffee
  • MineWare
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Gash
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
  • Antipasto Grill
  • PandaTech Store
  • The Burger House
  • Smoothie Queen
  • The Bear Restaurant
  • Castle Coffee
  • The Raduga Mall
  • Townhouses
  • Mall
  • Kolpino Police Station
  • NorthTech
  • Sierra's Grill
  • The Towering Pagoda
  • La Beretta Shooting Range
  • Vitamin Drinks Shop
  • Evegni's Groceries
  • EatStop
  • iMorgan
  • The Claytrium
  • AlikLolly
  • Davinci's Pizza Parlor
  • Warehouse
  • FreeSTYLE Wears
  • Bazinga
  • Tarbucks
  • Waffle House
  • The Mishka Company Regional HeadQuarters
  • Gamerspiration Store
  • General Motors
  • Poulet et Croissants
  • 150 Central Park
  • Automat
  • CreeperCola
  • The Potion Store
  • Ted's Tires
  • iMart
  • Melon Shop
  • Tie Grill
  • MesaBank
  • Ilirea Music
  • The Green Dragon Pub
  • Minecrosoft
  • Manta Music Store
  • AlikLolly
  • AlikLolly Factory
  • GreenLife
  • Frog Wear
  • Vending Machine Restaurant
  • Waffle House (airport)
  • Clancy's Bed and Breakfast
  • TheSpoon
  • Bankey's Jewels
  • Bean's Shoes
  • Redstone Showcase Store
  • Chair Emporium
  • Cathy's Candles
  • Poppa's Shack
  • Jazzy's Furniture
  • Saigon Market
  • Kolpino City Movies
  • Kolpino City Stadium
  • The Russian Restaurant (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Banner Shop (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Pastries (Russian Festival)
  • Pepsi Stand (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Kalashnikov Store (Russian Festival)
  • Authentic Russian Vodka
  • Russian Cloth (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Books (Russian Festival)
  • Blini from Michael (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Dolls (Russian Festival)
  • Antique Russian Coins (Russian Festival)
  • Communist Propaganda Magazines (Russian Festival)
  • Russian Music (Russian Festival)
  • Flowers imported from Russia (Russian Festival)
  • Kolpino Marina
  • Port Authority at Port Chelsea
  • Port House and Observation Deck
  • Furniture Filly's
  • Denis's Pub
  • Stepan's Kolpino Souvenirs!
  • Esti Mi Metro
  • Kolpino Military Outpost
  • Kolpino Waterfront Parking
  • Rainbow 8 Groceries
  • Kolpino Bowling Alley
  • Kolpino Funeral Home and Cemetery
  • Kolpino West Shore Hotel
  • Caravan Wears
  • Kolpino Library
  • University of Kolpino
  • Kolpino Museum
  • Kolpino Communication
  • Finance Co.
  • Kolpino Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • Kolpino Harborside Casino
  • The Russian Restaurant Corporate Office
  • Nano One Apartments
  • The Mishka Company Restaurants Building
  • Kolpino Downtown Apartments
  • Department of Architectural Planning
  • Kolpino City Department of Agriculture
  • Kolpino City Department of Justice
  • PandaTech Corporate
  • Kolpino City Production Center
  • Kolpino Real Estate
  • Kolpino Rail Co.
  • The Phoenix Tail Hotel
  • Molodoy Hotel
  • Kolpino City Department of Business
  • Kolpino City Trade Center
  • Windows96
  • Kolpino Energy Department
  • Orel Airways Headquarters
  • Cormak 3 Apartments
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Otlichniy Hotel
  • Lazer Technicians Co.
  • Downtop Software Engineering
  • The Mishka Company Regional HQ
  • Kolpino News Station
  • Hawkers Laboratory Building 1 and 2
  • Kolpino Cathedral
  • Kolpino Department of Justice
  • Kolpino Needle
  • Helkom Store
  • Starlight Coffee
  • Klass Apartments
  • The Raduga Mall
  • Sweet Shack
  • Funtime Arcade
  • DevranTheBoyxD's Troopies
  • Demeter Eatery
  • Kolpino Central Downtown Parking
  • BrickMart
  • Central Apartments
  • Kolpino City Fire Department
  • The Mishka Company Headquarters
  • Kolpino Arch
  • Kolpino Roads Government Building
  • Kolpino Bank
  • Kolpino Transportation Services
  • Espil Embassy
  • Astorian Embassy
  • Matheson Embassy
  • Volkov Intelligence Agency
  • Sveta's Grill
  • ModernElect_
  • Evgeni's Groceries
  • Kolpino City Police Department
  • EatStop
  • Kolpino Train Station
  • 45 Town Apartment buildings
  • Cap'n'Chimpy's Fine Cuisine
  • Kolpino Train Station Operation Building
  • Kolpino Hospital
  • Kolpino School for All Ages
  • Lubov Theater
  • Kolpino Grand East Station
  • iArchi
  • Tacurger Shack
  • Big Bake Cafe
  • Super Service
  • Dessert De-Lite Cravings
  • Thunderguard Law Firm
  • Italioso
  • LocalMart
  • Tim's Clothes
  • Kolpino Power Station
  • _InDev_'s House
  • Antiversace's House
  • RLcrafters' House
  • Embassy of the City-State of Kitania
  • Bonsai Factory
  • Embassy of the Lacledic Republic
  • Embassy of Ilirea
  • Spruce Neck Embassy
  • Lanark Embassy
  • Royal Ferry Embassy
  • West Berlin Consulate
  • Runway Cafe
  • Manta Music Store
  • Embassy of Formosa
  • Embassy of Mason City
  • PMWC Kolpino Station
  • Big Al's Coffee House
  • Kolpino Offices
  • Kolpino City Airport