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The Konawan flag
A picture of Konawa taken over the Central Konawa district.
Town Officials
Mayor Soleurs
Deputy Mayor _Kastle
Town Councillors JohnNotTech, QueenSmae, Earack
MRT  C109  Konawa West
 C110  Konawa
Bus Hermes Transit Centre
Roadways Highway A89.png Highway A890.png Highway A90.png Highway A90-H.png B17-shield.png Highway B18.png
Nearest Airport Horizon National Airport
Other transit KITSq.jpg
Facts and Figures
Population 13
Town Hall Coordinates -3181 65 -6154
Founded 11 July 2015
Recognized as town 19 April 2016
Town Rank Governor
Official Language(s) English, Japanese
World New
Post codes  KN9 
Ward(s) 9
City Phone Code 917-xxx-xxxx

Konawa is a city located on the northwestern part of the new world at stations  C109  Konawa West &  C110  Konawa. The city, founded on 11 July 2015, is run by its founder and mayor, Soleurs, its deputy mayor, _Kastle, and its three city executives, JohnNotTech, Earack, and QueenSmae.


Upon being founded on 11 July 2015, a park as well as an information center were built. In the following days, more roads and some modern, new buildings were built by a collaboration of Soleurs and _Kastle. Over time, construction has come and gone in bursts. In August 2015, the town was qualified for councillor status, and construction came to a multi-month standstill. At this point, the city hall and several businesses had been constructed. Two buildings were left unfinished: a half-built house and a restaurant. In February 2016, construction began again, with the complex now known as Prater Park being built, featuring the Inn and the Great Flower, over 70 blocks in diameter. Also completed was the Daikanransha ferris wheel and the restaurant structure, now the local 150 Central Park. The unfinished house was torn down and replaced with the Konawa Fire Department. Construction also commenced on the Sonamu in what is now the Mountain District. In April 2016, a new house was built in the Tomorrowland District as well as the Great Arch, and the commencement of construction in the Mountain District. Houses built in the sides of hills and mountains were created and put up for sale. On 19 April, the city was promoted to mayor status. The city doubled in size in just 3 short months, and after a failed attempt at Senator in June, was promoted to Senator status on 18 August 2016 alongside its neighbor Lanark. In September 2016, Soleurs decided to put in an application for Governor to receive feedback on what he should do to improve his city. Konawa was awarded Governor following this on 11 October 2016. Soon after, Soleurs contracted _Kastle to build him an airport. In November 2016, the Horizon National Airport, along with its connector road, the Highway A90-H.png, was completed. In April, 2017, construction on the second terminal began. In December 2016, the connection to Snowtopic via the Highway A89.png was approved, and the Highway A89.png began serving Konawa. Following many delays, mostly related to Soleurs' inactivity, the Highway A89.png opened on 12 August 2018. In addition, the Hermes Transit Centre opened under Tomorrowland to create a bus hub in Konawa.


Konawa is situated in three biomes: an oak forest, a spruce forest, and a taiga. The oak forest houses the Tomorrowland District, as well as the Highway A90.png and its adjoining park and ride complex. Horizon National Airport is also situated in this biome. The taiga houses the headquarters of the ruling nation, the Plurinational Democratic Republic of Konawa. And the spruce forest biome houses the remainder of the city. Mostly a hilly area, Konawa has adopted a nonconventional method of town-building, focusing on respecting the flow of the natural landscape, with trees, hills, and ponds common.


Konawa is divided in to several districts.

The Tomorrowland district is the southernmost district, located in the oak forest and primarily constructed by deputy mayor _Kastle, housing modern-style buildings, mainly residential homes, and the Hermes Transit Centre bus hub. The A90 and the A90-H run in this area. Currently accessible from the Anaheim Bridge via Main Street in Central Konawa, and from Lanark by Barrett Boulevard to the A90 Park & Ride, and the A90 itself from Armada, Lanark, and points beyond.

Central Konawa district is the central area of Konawa, housed across the river along Main Street and Rogers Road. The MRT station, as well as the city hall and major monuments are held in this area. Streets in this area include Main Street, Mordan Avenue, and Rogers Road.

The Mountain district is the northernmost district, located in the hills north of Central Konawa. Currently home to the Room Where It Happens inn and tavern, the B17 road connection to Lanark, and the Lillian Disney Amphitheatre. Originally planned to be a district of houses and businesses housed inside hills and mountains, this plan was shelved when B17 was constructed. The remnants of this district's concept are the Sonamu currently under construction as well as a couple of houses. Rogers Road provides access from Central Konawa and Tomorrowland, while Lamon Lane/B17 connects to Armada, Lanark, and the other districts.

Fowler Gardens is the diplomatic district of Konawa. Fowler Gardens is home to embassies from other cities on the MRT, as well as the Great Konawan Pagoda, a symbol of peace and unity throughout the server and the world. Access to this area is available via Sailaises Street from Central Konawa, and Treiber Trail from West Konawa.

West Konawa is centered around C109 station and is home to some of the newest developments in town, as well as the B17 connection to Armada, and the A89 connection to Whitechapel and Snowtopic.


Konawa is served by all manner of transit options, with many more forthcoming.


Konawa is served by five roads: Highway A89.png, Highway A890.png, Highway A90.png, Highway A90-H.png, and B17-shield.png.

Highway A89.png

This road, signed as the Turley Pike from the curve north of Spruce Plains through Konawa, is accessed via the Highway A90.png and the B17-shield.png. The road provides a high-speed direct connection to Whitechapel and the Highway A8.png, as well as Snowtopic. This provides Konawa with access to Central City, Laclede, Ilirea, Vermilion, and Kenthurst, among other destinations.

Highway A890.png

The road itself doesn't directly connect through the city but ends in city limits at the intersection of the Highway A89.png and Highway A90.png. The road primarily exists to connect to Armada and Orio.

Highway A90.png

Signed as the Ketcher Expressway from its terminus at Highway A89.png to A95-shield.png in Lanark, the Highway A90.png is accessed via Main Street in the south of the city, in the Tomorrowland District. The road provides high-speed direct connections to other major arteries like Highway A101.png, Highway A89.png, Highway A90-H.png, and A95-shield.png. This provides Konawa with routes to Nippia, Achowalogen Takachsin, Covina, and Liten, among other destinations.

Highway A90-H.png

The Highway A90-H.png, signed as the Perkins Freeway, doesn't directly connect to the city, but is operated by the Port Authority of Konawa & Lanark as part of the Horizon National Airport. The Highway A90-H.png is the only road access offered to the airport. It can be accessed via the Highway B18.png from the A90 Park & Ride and the Ketcher KIT station, or via the Highway A90.png.


A main artery of transit within Konawa and signed as Lamon Lane within city limits, this road is accessed via several northbound roads in Konawa The road is a more slow-paced alternative to its cousin to the south. The road links the city centers of Armada, Lanark, and BirchView to Konawa.


Konawa is the main hub of the Manukau Bus network. The Hermes Transit Centre in Tomorrowland contains 48 bus platforms, and serves as the main bus terminal in the northwest.


Konawa is connected to Lanark via KIT, and to Laclede and beyond via IntraRail. RaiLinQ connects the city to BirchView to the east, and Armada and beyond to the west.


Konawa is served by the Horizon National Airport. Please see the airport's wikipage for more detailed information.


KIT Metro
Designers JohnNotTech
Map Contractor AP_Red
Location Konawa
Number of Lines/Shuttles 5
Lines  Western   Central   Northern   Eastern 
Shuttles  Amphitheatre Shuttle 
Number of Stations 18

Konawa is served by its own metro system, KIT (Konawa Interior Transit) Metro. KIT has four lines:  Western ,  Central ,  Northern , and  Eastern .

Map of the KIT Metro (credit to AP_Red) (Outdated)

 Western  Line stations

Station Location Metro Transfers Other Connections
Mountain District - Lamon Lane
Behind The Room Where It Happens on B17-shield.png  Eastern   Amphitheatre Shuttle  B17-shield.png
Olympic Park
At the entrance of the Olympic Park  Eastern  B17-shield.png
West Konawa-C109 Garner Street, north of C109 station, West Konawa  Northern   C109  Konawa West
Garner Street Garner Street, south of C109 station, West Konawa  Central 
Forest Mini-Golf Forest Mini-Golf of Konawa, South Konawa
Treiber Trail Treiber Trail, South Konawa
Quant Court - Grand Circle Quant Court and Myers Avenue, Central Konawa, within the Konawan Grand Circle Park
Hermes Transit Centre Main Street, Tomorrowland, within the Hermes Transit Centre  Eastern   Manukau Bus 
Horizon National Airport Beneath the Horizon National Airport terminal Highway A90-H.png,  Horizon National Airport 
 Lanark Metro Yellow Line 
 IntraRail ,  RaiLinQ 

 Central  Line stations

Station Location Metro Transfers Other Connections
Garner Street
Garner Street, south of C109 station, West Konawa  Western 
Fowler Gardens - Diplomatic District On Cho Court just south of the Great Pagoda, Fowler Gardens
Myers Avenue Myers Avenue south of Quant Court, Central Konawa
Nihon Park-C110 Beneath Nihon Park off Main Street, Central Konawa  C110  Konawa
Mordan Avenue End of Mordan Avenue past Rogers Road, Central Konawa  Eastern   Lanark Metro Blue Line 

 Northern  Line stations

Station Location Metro Transfers Other Connections
Rogers Road - City Hall Adjacent to the Konawa City Hall on Rogers Road, Central Konawa  Eastern 
Prater Park Within Prater Park, accessible from Main Street, Central Konawa
Myers Avenue Myers Avenue, south of B17-shield.png, Central Konawa
West Konawa-C109 Garner Street, north of C109 station, West Konawa  Western   C109  Konawa West

 Eastern  Line stations

Station Location Metro Transfers Other Connections
Olympic Park At the entrance of the Olympic Park  Western  B17-shield.png
Mountain District - Lamon Lane Behind The Room Where It Happens on B17-shield.png  Western   Amphitheatre Shuttle  B17-shield.png
Rogers Road - City Hall Adjacent to the Konawa City Hall on Rogers Road, Central Konawa  Northern 
Mordan Avenue End of Mordan Avenue past Rogers Road, Central Konawa  Central   Lanark Metro Blue Line 
Hermes Transit Centre Main Street, Tomorrowland, within the Hermes Transit Centre  Western   Manukau Bus 
Ketcher Expressway Just off Highway A90.png on Barrett Boulevard Highway A90.png, Highway A90-H.png, Highway B18.png,  Lanark Metro Green Line 


Info Center and Main Street, Konawa Torii in background
Outside Nihon Park
Sunset over the Great Flower
Main Street/Anaheim Bridge
Buildings in Tomorrowland District
A colorful building in Tomorrowland
Wintergreen Clock Tower and Great Arch in Central Konawa
City Hall in Central Konawa
The Great Konawan Pagoda
Sunset over Locust Grove Campground
The moon over Sonamu in the Mountain District
The Room Where It Happens in the Mountain District
Frontier Field in the Olympic Park, North Konawa
Caelus planes at Terminal 2 of Horizon National Airport
Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 C108  Armada Quasar
towards Wazamawazi
 C109  Konawa  C110  Konawa
towards BirchView
 C109  Konawa West
towards Wazamawazi
 C110  Konawa  C111  Lanark West
towards BirchView
Laclede Airport Plaza
towards Segville
IntraRail Republic Express
Horizon National Airport
towards Ravenna
Horizon National Airport