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CEO STthecat
Employees TBA
Additional Information
Founded April 19, 2021 (incorporated)
June 1, 2021 (first air date)
Headquarters LBC Plaza
Additional Studios TBA

Lakeshore Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) is a television network owned by STthecat. It was formed in April 2021 in order to compete with big TV networks such as MBS and Box Television Network. However, its main headquarters, LBC Plaza, is located in Dogwood, unlike the latter networks.


LBC Bulletin News

The flagship news program of LBC, it broadcasts weekly news from the MRT server. The program will range from 15 to 20 minutes.

LBC Headlines

At times where non-news programs are being premiered on LBC, at the middle of every commercial break will be a 1-minute headline news program, LBC Headlines. The headlines used may vary for each TV station.

LBC News Report

The brand name for LBC's short-breaking news headlines, LBC News Report broadcasts important events on the MRT server.


LBC News

LBC News is the news division of LBC, handling news coverage for LBC affiliated stations as well as LBC i. It will provide news broadcasts via STthecat's YouTube channel.

LBC Live

LBC Live covers major sporting and community events, such as GSMs and ISMs, MRTvision Screenshot Contest and the MRT Olympics.

LBC Originals

LBC Originals produces other LBC programming, including talk shows and third-party shows.

LBC Television Stations

LBC Television Stations is a brand used by LBC as its O&O TV stations' parent company.


The international cable TV channel of LBC, LBC i will broadcast in select Minecraft servers as well as off-server Minecraft worlds. It will broadcast all LBC programming, except LBC Headlines.


As of April 2021, only two TV stations part of LBC are planned to be launched.

City Station Channel Launched Ownership Notes
Dogwood - Broxbourne NLBC 36 June 1, 2021 STthecat Brands itself as "LBC 36 Dogwood/Broxbourne"
Central City NCCL 7 June 1, 2021 STthecat Brands itself as "LBC 7 Central City"