LTA Commuter Rail

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LTA Commuter Rail
Logo/Map DesignerKittyCat11231
Additional Information
Parent OrganizationLaclede Transit Authority
OperatorSouth Weast Pacific Railway

The LTA Commuter Rail is a warp train-based commuter rail network serving the Lacledic Republic and operated by South Weast Pacific.

Ravenna Division

The Ravenna Division is based out of Ravenna and includes the following lines:

Corridor Line
  • Union Station
  • City Hall - Church Street
  • Outskirts - NE12
Stadium Line
  • Union Station
  • Lavender Town - NE14
  • Stadium - Sports Complex
Panhandle Line
  • Union Station
  • Lavender Town - NE14
  • Panhandle - NE15