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LTA Laclede Metro

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LTA Laclede Metro
Director jphgolf4321
Logo/Map Designer KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Parent Organization Laclede Transit Authority

The LTA Laclede Metro is the metro system for the city of Laclede, operated by the Laclede Transit Authority.


The LTA Laclede Metro has four lines, the red, blue, yellow, and white lines.

Red Line

  • Museum City
  • Williams Theater (Blue Line)
  • Art Gallery/MRT
  • Edward Jones Dome (Blue Line)
  • Outskirts/A94

Blue Line

  • Williams Theater (Red Line)
  • Elm Street (White Line)
  • City Hall (Yellow Line)
  • Cathedral
  • Edward Jones Dome (Red Line)
  • Outlet Mall

loops back to Amphitheater

Yellow Line

  • Xavier Airport
  • Bandaraya
  • Laclede Central
  • City Hall (Blue Line)
  • Eustahnd Tower (White Line)

one-way loop begins

  • Trade Center
  • Truman Airport

loops back to Eustahnd Tower

White Line

  • Tetrapolis
  • Lake Laclede
  • Eustahnd Tower (Yellow Line)
  • Elm Street (Blue Line)
  • Municipal Airport
  • Roosevelt Stadium
  • Fort Saint Clement
  • Spleefodrome
  • PCSL Terminal
  • Hunter Theater
  • Amphitheater