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The Lab World is one of the seven worlds on the MRT Server and was introduced on October 4, 2014. Its main purpose is for lab space to save builds and construct miscellaneous in-progress structures.


The Lab World was introduced along with Games World and Space World with the opening of Gamma, at October 4, 2014.

On July 18, 2019, a bad chunk in this world was discovered by daltdisneyland and MinecraftYoshi26, believed to be located at approximately (1258, 527), which is above the train station made for Vegeta, and crashed the server when the chunk was loaded. This resulted in a WorldGuard region being made to prevent access into the regions surrounding the chunk. Before that, there were reports of bad chunks in the MRT Server, including one at Inchmuir. On July 29, 2019, Frumple discovered the bad chunk was actually around (1304, 392), around some sort of a rail station schematic. This resulted in the chunk being removed entirely and regenerated, and the WorldGuard region restricting entry was removed.

On June 17, 2020, SimonScholar made a demonstration area for the ArmorStandTools plugin, showing instructions to use it and how it's used.

At the August 2020 GSM, imperial_block submitted an item concerning the organization of the world, which was described as "cramped and unorganized" and suggested solutions to this problem, including introducing a plots plugin to keep the world organized, introducing periodic cleanups by staff and even expanding the Lab World. In the GSM, the staff decided to remind players to remove old and unused items when they're no longer needed, with a temporary channel in the MRT Discord, #lab-world-cleanup being set up. Also in this GSM, warps were made in Lab World to help players quickly get around.

The current spawn area of the Lab World was constructed by McYoshi26 and SimonScholar.

At the announcement of Delta in June 2023 ASM, the possibility of Lab World being expanded was brought up, which was confirmed with a post by Frumple, with the size increasing from 8000 * 8000 blocks to 16000 * 16000 blocks. During the migration, the Lab World was instead expanded to 12000 * 12000, a 2.25x increase in area instead of 4x increase as planned.