Laclede 2019 Summer Olympic Bid

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Laclede 2019 Summer Olympics Bid
City Laclede
Supreme Chancellor jphgolf4321
Deputy Chancellor _Kastle
Slogan Fiat Lux
Bid Start Date March 30, 2019
Round 1 TBD
Round 2 TBD
Round 3 TBD

The Laclede 2019 Summer Olympic Bid was the successful bid to host the 2019 Summer Olympics, but ended up withdrawing due to planning conflicts.

The City

Founded in October 2014, Laclede is one of the oldest cities on the New World. From humble beginnings focused on  T13  Laclede, Laclede eventually grew to annex  T14  North Laclede,  T12  South Laclede, and, finally,  T11  Laclede Theater District. With this growth came higher ranks and sporting venues, which led to the city being selected to host two TacoBurritoAThon events. Once the city had achieved the rank of Governor, Harry S Truman International Airport was built and South Weast Airlines established its central hub there. Finally, in 2018, the staff saw fit to bestow upon Laclede the rank of Premier. Now, Laclede stands among the finest cities on the server and boasts ample transit connections and entertainment venues for all to enjoy.

How to Get Here

By Road
Road Notable Destinations
A9-shield.png Cornus
Highway A94.png Highway A8.png - Whitechapel
New Bakersville City
Highway A101.png
A95-shield.png Highway A8.png - Whitechapel
Highway A90-H.png - Horizon National Airport
Highway A90.png - Konawa
B17-shield.png - Lanark
Highway A942.png
Highway B942.png
Highway A89.png - West Calbar
Highway B90.png B51-shield.png - Formosa
Highway A8.png
Highway B901.png - Christi
Highway A90.png
B17-shield.png - Birch Forest City
By Rail
Railway Service Stations
Minecart Rapid Transit Taiga Line  T11  Laclede Theater District
 T12  South Laclede
 T13  Laclede
 T14  North Laclede
IntraRail Lacledic Eagle
Republic Express
Spruce Regional
Laclede Theater District
Laclede Central
Laclede Airport Plaza
RaiLinQ 0100 Intercity
0200 Intercity
1100 Stoptrain
1300 Stoptrain
6100 Stoptrain
Laclede West
Laclede South
Laclede Central
Laclede North
By Air
Airport Airlines
Laclede Municipal Airport South Weast Charter
Harry S Truman International Airport South Weast Airlines
Caelus Airlines
BART Airlines
Heampstead Air
Dragon Service to Kessler
St. Francis Xavier Regional Airport South Weast Charter
BART Airlines
Cascadia Regional


Laclede Olympic Venues
Facility Events Description
Roosevelt Stadium Archery
Track Racing
Named for United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Roosevelt Stadium is a cozy yet dynamic setting for any sporting event. It has previously hosted American Football for a TacoBurritoAThon and starred in The Beautiful Game, the Lacledic Republic's submission to the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3, which received a total of 252 points across all votes taken. Roosevelt Stadium is the natural choice to host the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony, Archery, and Track Racing due to its size and simple versatility.
Busch Stadium Horse Racing Named after its real-world counterpart in St. Louis, Missouri, Busch Stadium normally serves as Laclede's baseball stadium. It is actually the third sports venue to sit on its present site, following the original blue terracotta and spruce wood Spleefodrome and the second Romanesque Spleefodrome, which was heavily modified and rebuilt into the current iteration of the stadium. It will provide a unique track layout for equestrian races due to its unique shape, but there won't be a bad seat in the house as the horses round third and head for home on race day.
Laclede National Amphitheater Sumotori
Sportsman's Park Swimming
Loyola Field Outdoor Parkour
Laclede Colosseum Outdoor PvP
Circus Maximus Karting
Seneca Canal Rowing
Laclede Streets Cross-Country Racing
Eustahnd Tower Elytra Flying
Laclede Golf Club Golf


Photo Gallery
LacledeOlympicBidRooseveltStadium.png LacledeOlympicBidBuschStadium.png LacledeOlympicBidNationalAmphitheater.png
LacledeOlympicBidSportsmansPark.png LacledeOlympicCandidate.png LacledeOlympicBidLoyolaField.png
LacledeOlympicBidColosseum.png LacledeOlympicBidCircusMaximus.png LacledeOlympicBidSenecaCanal.png
LacledeOlympicBidStreets.png LacledeOlympicBidEustahndTower.png LacledeOlympicBidGolf.png
Courtesy of Roy Disney Adworks.