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Lacledic Republic

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Lacledic Republic
Flag of Lacledic Republic.png
Flag of the Lacledic Republic
FoundedOctober 5, 2014 (Laclede)
Other territoriesRavenna

The Lacledic Republic is a state founded and led by Valkorion314, with its capital as Laclede.

It was formerly a shared municipality; however, it is now a state for all the cities owned by Valkorion314.


Old World settlements (2013–2014)

In August 2013, Chancellor jphgolf4321 first joined the server as a guest, and was accepted as a member. He founded Splurgeville as his first city. He later founded two other Old World cities: Chesterfield and Houghton.

The Golflands (2014)

In the time between the foundation of Houghton and the launch of the Gamma Server, jphgolf4321 was asked to build an embassy for one of his cities in Fairfax. Unable to decide which city to build the embassy for, he created The Golflands - a proto-MPO that existed so all of his cities could share a common embassy. jphgolf4321 opened membership to any city in which he was Deputy Mayor. Since jphgolf4321 was Deputy Mayor of Kitania at the time, it joined the Golflands.

The Golflands is considered a direct predecessor to the Republic. The Golflands were largely stagnant even from their initial foundation. With the opening of the Gamma Server and the general abandonment of the Old World, the Golflands became inactive.

Laclede and becoming a Shared Municipality (2014–2017)

Staff members were given the first pick of land on the New World. As jphgolf4321 was a staff member at the time, he was able to claim T13 station. When the New World opened, there were only two streets, City Hall, and a few townhouses across the street.

With the rise of Shared Municipalities in 2015, Laclede and Bandaraya decided to create a Shared Municipality. Known as the Laclede Shared Municipality, it soon expanded to encompass Tetrapolis and Christi. Shortly after Christi joined the Shared Municipality, it was reorganized into a Republic and Amestris joined to make it one of the largest Shared Municipalities on the server.

Reorganization to statehood (2017–present)

Following the abolition of the Shared Municipalities, the Lacledic Republic reorganized to become a state consisting of all of jphgolf4321's towns.



Laclede is the capital and highest-ranked city of the Republic, holding the rank Premier. It is owned by Valkorion314. The city was founded on October 5, 2014, and is named after Pierre Laclede, the founder of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. The city occupies T11, T12, T13, and T14 on the MRT Taiga Line. In Laclede are several sports stadiums, restaurants, residences, and various theaters. Laclede has hosted two TacoBurritoAThons and the Fourth Eagle Awards.


Bandaraya in October 2014, prior to secession by Laclede

Bandaraya was a city founded by TakenName on October 16, 2014. On November 7, 2015, Bandaraya became part of Laclede, and the former Bandaraya City Hall was converted into a library.


Ravenna is the second New World city founded by jphgolf4321. It is Senator-ranked and located in the mountainous area northeast of St. Anna.


Hannibal is the third New World city founded by Valkorion314. It is Mayor-ranked and located in a small plains biome in the southeast just west of the A54.

Trojan Valley

The Lacledic Republic owns a fort inside the PVP map Trojan Valley.

Old World territories

The Lacledic Republic Old World territories are:

Grand Military of the Republic

The Grand Military of the Republic is the force that is responsible for law enforcement and defense of the Lacledic Republic.

Grand Army of the Republic

The Grand Army is the main fighting force of the Laclede Grand Military. It operates out of Fort Saint Clement in South Laclede.

Infantry Division

The Grand Army Infantry consists of a single elite battalion, the 101st Grand Laclede Regiment. It is further divided into the following companies:

  • Able Company
  • Bravo Company
  • Caesar Company
  • Dog Company
  • Easy Company

Each company consists of 72 elite soldiers who are ready and willing to give their lives in service of the Shared Municipality and its allies, most importantly MATO and the League of Cities.

Armored Division

The Grand Army also has one elite armored division, the 2nd Grand Laclede Tank Regiment. It is not divided into companies, but it can be split to carry out multiple operations simultaneously. It consists of:

  • 57 J1 Eisenhower Main Battle Tanks
  • 38 J2 Zhukov Tank Destroyers
  • 19 J3 Rommel Self-Propelled Guns

This makes a grand total of 84 armored vehicles, each with an elite crew.

The J1 Eisenhower Main Battle Tank
The J2 Zhukov Tank Destroyer
The J3 Rommel SPG

Grand Air Force of the Republic

The Grand Air Force consists of two elite combat wings: One of X-Wing Fighters and another of Y-Wing Fighter-Bombers. They are known as Rouge 1 and Rouge 2, respectively.

An X-Wing Fighter in action over Liten
Two Y-Wing Fighter-Bombers in action over Liten

Grand Navy of the Republic

The Grand Navy consists of two destroyers, the LRS Luxembourg and the LRS Andorra, and five corvettes: LRS Conch Republic, LRS Sealand, LRS Monaco, LRS San Marino, LRS Vatican City, LRS Kosovo, and LRS Malta. Its mission is to patrol the Seneca Canal and the seas it connects and defend the Republic's interests overseas. The Grand Navy also considers the LRS Saipan (a carrier) and LRS Nepal (a battleship) among its ranks. They are airships operating in air support roles where the rest of the Grand Navy cannot aid its allies, including in space.

The LRS Luxembourg on patrol in the Seneca Canal
The LRS Conch Republic on patrol in the Seneca Canal, with her sister ship, LRS Sealand, in the background
The LRS Nepal on the ground at the Harry S Truman International Airport