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Lailai dynmap.png
Lailai as seen from Dynmap
Flag of Lailai.png
Flag of Lailai
FoundedApril 18, 2022
CompletedApril 23, 2022
Coordinates22407, 63, -18923
WorldNew World
WardWard 2
Itokani Transit connectionsSoko
Nimataka (LAI)
Vakasuka (LAI)
Third-party transitLailai Airfield
No. of buildings2
Island landmarkLailai Airfield

Lailai is the ninth island settlement of Itokani, located in the Northern Ocean in the region of Senikau. The island was built by McYoshi26, the mayor of Itokani. Construction of the island began on April 18, 2022, and was completed on April 23, 2022.

Lailai Airfield is located on the island. The island serves as the namesake for the airfield.


The interior of Lailai Airfield

Lailai was officially claimed on April 18, 2022, during the construction of Vakasuka.

The island was completely terraformed and built in singleplayer and pasted onto the server through World Edit schematics. The island was flattened and dotted with rocks, dead bushes, birch leaves, and dead coral to fit the desolate vibe of the island.

On April 21, 2022, Needn_NL pasted the airfield onto the server through 10 schematics, resulting in the airport being completed that day. The island was declared completed on April 23, 2022, when all of the gates at Lailai Airfield had a vehicle at them.


The island is named after the Fijian word for 'small'. The Siliva Lighthouse is named after the Fijian word for 'silver'.


Lailai is located in the Northern Ocean. It is the southeastern island group in the region of Senikau and was the second island in the southeastern island group to be completed. The island is surrounded by a deep lukewarm ocean biome.

In relation to other settlements, the closest other settlement is the island of Teivaki, which is separated from Lailai by a small channel in the southwestern portion of the island.


As of September 2022, Lailai Airfield has the following flights departing:

Flights at Lailai Airfield
Gate Airline Flight no. Destination
A aero regional AEREG004 Mountbatten International Airport
B Sailas SI01 Vakasuka International Airport
C Sailas SI02 Nimataka Heliport

Itokani Local Boats take passengers to other islands in Itokani. Lailai is connected by boat to Soko and Teivaki at the Lailai Docks on the southern portion of the island.