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LakeAir Logo.jpg

LakeAir is an airline which is in the LakeGroup business family and is owned by TechsMinecraft54. The airline was founded in 2020 when Lakeborough needed new connections to other towns. The airline first operated to Norwest Airfield, as at the time there was no other link between the two towns, not even a path.


Flight Number From Via To Type of Aircraft Registration
LA001 Lakeborough Heliport - Norwest Airfield LakeAir Helicopter LB-LKA
LA002 Holtville Heliport Lakeborough Heliport Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport LakeAir Helicopter LB-LKB

Currently, we have two flights which are both operated with helicopters. Flight one, numbered LA001, is from Norwest Airfield to Lakeborough Heliport. Flight two, numbered LA002, is from Holtville Heliport through Lakeborough Heliport to Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport.