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2016-04-23 (3).png
Town Officials
Mayor Earack
Deputy Mayor Derpy_Melon
MRT  C111  Lanark West
 C112  Lanark East
Roadways A95-shield.png, Highway A90.png, B17-shield.png, Highway B18.png, B95-shield.png
Other transit Horizon Airport, Lanark-Laclede Express, Lanark Metro, RaiLinQ, IntraRail
Facts and Figures
Population 6
Town Hall Coordinates -2728, 73, -6221
Founded 15 December 2015
Recognized as town 22 April 2016
Town Rank Governor
Official Language(s) English, French
World New
Post codes LN9 XXX
Ward(s) 9

Lanark is a strictly World Edit free Town located at  C111  Lanark West and  C112  Lanark East and is owned by Earack.

Every building in Lanark is for sale at a negotiable price.

Lanark was founded by Earack on December 15th, 2015. Starting at C112, the city was gradually built west to C111 with downtown located midway between the stations. C113 was eventually acquired from ModernArt which became Croxley, a branch of Lanark to the east which also features a military base north of the city.

Buildings and Infrastructure

2017-10-08 (9).png

2017-10-08 (6).png

Lanark features a World Edit free and highly detailed and primarily modern building style. The city is also World Edit free!

List of Buildings

- 1: Cardwell Apartments 2016-04-22.png

- 2: Lanak East Station 2016-04-22 (17).png

- 3: Town Hall 2016-04-22 (6).png

- 4: Stonebridge Chalet 2016-04-22 (2).png

- 5: Ridgewood Chalet 2016-04-22 (18).png

- 6: Triangular Octahedron 2016-04-22 (9).png

- 7: North Tower 2016-04-22 (4).png

- 8: South Tower 2016-04-22 (5).png

- 9: Dundas Building 2016-04-22 (8).png

- 14: Monterra Tower 2016-04-22 (15).png

- 15: Inside Out Tower 2016-04-24.png

- 16: Villa Condos 2016-05-04 (10).png

- 17: Lanark West Station 2016-05-25 (6).png

- 18: Modern House 2016-06-22 (16).png

- 19: Lanark Embassy Headquarters 2016-06-04 (1).png

- 20: Lanark Mall 2016-06-22 (17).png

- 21: Arbour Tower 2016-07-13 (12).png

- 22: Untitled7126751295427AR 2016-07-13 (13).png

- 23: Untitled7126751295428AP 2016-07-13 (14).png

- 24: Untitled7126751295429Y1 2016-07-13 (15).png

- 25: Untitled7126751295429Y2 2016-07-13 (17).png

- 26: Untitled71267512954217 2016-08-03 (3).png

- 27: Untitled71267512954218 2016-08-03 (5).png

- 28: Untitled71267512954221W 2016-08-03 (6).png

- 29: Untitled71267512954226W 2016-08-03 (7).png

- 30: South-West Welcome Center 2016-08-17 (24).png

- 31: Lake House I 2016-10-06 (1).png

- 32: Lake House II 2016-10-06 (2).png

- 33: Lake House III 2016-10-06.png

- 34: A-90 Park & Ride (Built with Soleurs)

- 35: Lake House IV 2016-11-11 (1).png

- 42: West Welcome Centre 2017-10-08.png


- 36: East Welcome Center 2016-11-11.png

- 37: Croxley Hall 2016-12-22.png

- 38: Warehouse 2016-11-19 (3).png

- 39: Croxley Tower 2016-11-20 (1).png

- 40: Untitled 2016-12-10.png

- E: Embassy area

- Gas Station x3

Franchise Buildings:

- 41: Earack's Automated Grocery Store 2017-07-25 (2).png 2017-07-25.png

General Motors Buildings:

- 10: GM Headquarters 2016-04-22 (13).png 2016-04-22 (12).png

- 11: Large GM Dealership 2016-04-22 (10).png

- 12: Small GM Dealership 2016-04-22 (11).png

- 13: GM Mega Headquarters 2016-04-22 (14).png

List of Embassies

List of Franchises

Franchises by Earack

Franchises by Other Players

  • Pokémon Center by: nktrain
  • Sierra's by: Soleurs
  • Royal Cars by: Derpy_Melon
  • Sycorax Grand Supermarket by: SoSo123

Lanark Mall:

  • Prubourne Steakhouse by: JohnNotTech
  • ModernElect by: ModernArt

  • ModernPetrol by: ModernArt (Coming soon)
  • SushiTrain by: ModernArt (Coming soon)
  • RealJacks by: ModernArt (Coming soon)
  • Burger n' Fries by: ModernArt (Coming soon)


Cardwell Apartments

  • Frankbros429 (201)
  • MishkaMan (302)
  • Frumpley_ (303)

Stonebridge Chalet

  • PtldKnight (201)
  • EliteNeon (404)


Lanark Metro is inspired by MRT with multiplayer compatible stations. The stations are very compact occupying only 9 blocks wide, 15 blocks long, and 6 blocks tall.

RaiLinQ and IntraRail have inter-city connections.

2017-10-08 (17).png


Lanark Metro clear.png

 Blue Line 

 Green Line 

 Lanark-Laclede Express 

 Yellow Line 



Transit and Road access

Train Access

 Lanark-Laclede Express  Highspeed train line connecting  C112  Lanark East in Lanark and  T13  Laclede in Laclede.

 RaiLinQ  (Armada - Birchview)

 RaiLinQ  (Horizon Airport - Spruce Plains)

 IntraRail  (Laclede - Pine Mountain)

Road access

2017-10-08 (10).png

Highway B18.png From the A90 and Horizon Nat'l Airport in the south, to western Lanark in the north where it becomes Perimeter Road after crossing the B17 (Lanark Boulevard)

B17-shield.png Connects with Armada and A-89, Konawa, Birch Forest City and B-90, Belvadere, Gold City, Birchview, and the A-1. More information on the B17 page.

B95-shield.png Connects with Spruce Hills in the north and crosses the B17 (Lanark Blvd) before merging into the A95 in the south.

A95-shield.png Connects with A-90, A94 and A-942 in Laclede. More information on the A95 page.

Highway A90.png Connects Armada with Konawa, Lanark, A95, Woodsdale, A1, & BirchView. More information on the A90 page.

2017-10-08 (19).png

Bus Access

 Downtown Loop Bus 

2017-10-08 (13).png

Air Access

Lanark is served by theHorizon National Airport


MRT City Inspiration Guide!

CaptainChimpy's Banana Award

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 C110  Konawa
towards Wazamawazi
 C111  Lanark  C112  Lanark East
towards BirchView
 C111  Lanark West
towards Wazamawazi
 C112  Lanark  C113  Foobar
towards BirchView
 C112  Lanark East
towards Wazamawazi
 C113  Foobar  C114  Birch Forest City
towards BirchView
Horizon National Airport
towards Segville
IntraRail Republic Express
Lanark Station
BirchView Central
towards Ravenna
Terminus IntraRail Northeast Regional
Lanark Station
towards Ravenna
Terminus IntraRail Pinecone Limited
Lanark Station
Pine Mountain
towards Pine Mountain
Horizon National Airport
Lanark Station
Pine Mountain
Horizon National Airport