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Welcome to LeafCorp!

Straight from the trees of the LeafCorp Lumber Mill in Nippia, the best leaves and logs are used in beautiful shops such as The Green Leaf, The Leaf Supply, and the Leafy Apartments in West Calbar.

CEO/Founder sesese9
Director of Tower Construction corpse5
Logo Creator JAYBIRDYouTube
Headquarters Scarborough
Other Information
Founded October 26, 2014
Number of Franchises 6


The Leaf Supply

This store was conceived after sesese9 was told that somebody had already made a Gamestop spoof. Because of this, he made a plant store with a spoof name after a store in his hometown. See The Leaf Supply for locations near you!

The Green Leaf

The Green Leaf is a fast-food chain that is spreading fast around the server. Generally, the menu involves cake, apples, carrots, and fish. However, the menu is known to change depending on the location.


LeafTransit is the transit division of LeafCorp and handles any transportation matter. LeafTransit is also in charge of the West Calbar Metrolink but not limited to that only. LeafTransit operates both intercity and intracity buses. If it connects two cities, then LeafTransit operates the buses. If it is intracity, then it is operated by a LeafTransit subsidiary such as West CalBus. See the LeafTransit page for more info and about its subsidiaries!

Space's Ice Cream Stand (50% Owned by BnL)

After a slight stagnation in Leafcorp, sesese9 decided to create another franchise based on a snow-cone stand in his hometown. However, this franchise is an ice-cream stand!! The naming of the stand was decided after one day, sesese asked people for names and Space asked for a stand in his town. In turn, the stand was named after him and the holdings of this franchise are split 50-50 with Buy n Large. The stand uses all-natural ingredients in the making of its ice cream. Ingredients include: milk, ice, and snow for the perfect, cold ice cream for a warm day.


With the massive population U-cars, somebody needs to check them to make sure they are in quality condition. Let us do it at Gearcheck!

Sese's Pizza

Based on the IRL franchise, Cici's Pizza, Sese's Pizza strives to serve the best pizza on the MRT.

Former Franchise


Originally founded by Jamess2912, the chocolate store spread like wildfire throughout the server. However, he decided to stop all future business of Chocoluv on December 18 and sesese9 decided to buy the franchise rights off of him.

Birchwood Airways

Conceived in November of 2014, Birchwood Airways is dedicated to quality service and fast flights without delays. The airline was based off of Southwest Airlines, an airline who is headquarted close to sese's hometown. Following suit, Birchwood Airways was going to be a budget airline for everyone, but later expanded into an airline with luxury facilities as well. Owned by Leafcorp, CEO sesese9 is dedicated to bringing the best to airports. As of 3/1/15, Birchwood Airways acquired its logo with GeneralJaybird's help. In addition, Birchwood has joined the UnitedSkies alliance with some of the best airlines in the server!

Our Offices

Want us to have an office in your town? Talk to sesese9 about it by /mail or using another form of contact.

Franchise Requests

If you think that one our franchise are meant for your town, then fill out this form and sesese9 will contact you with info! [[1]] Thank you if you do click the link!