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Info notice.png Now that Resolution 31 has passed, the LoC will be dissolved effective May 1st, however all operations of the League have ceased immediately. On behalf of myself and the rest of your leadership team, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks for all the contributions that were made to the LoC during its lifespan. I'd like to wish the best to everyone in future endeavors.
Yours truly, _hnt 04/26/2016
Info notice.png
League of Cities
Leaders (at the time of dissolving)
Deputy SecretariatGopher
General Assembly ChiefJphgolf4321
Chief JusticeAliksong
FoundedSeptember 1, 2015
DissolvedApril 26, 2016
Membership before Dissolution61 Member States
3 Observer States

The League of Cities, also known as LoC, was a server-wide MPO dedicated to promoting diplomatic relations and peace throughout the cities of the MRT. The LoC deals with issues such as inter-city cooperation among transit, expansion, security, and economy. It was currently headquartered atop a mountain overlooking beautiful scenery in Formosa. The location was meant to stimulate calm and peace in the minds of the representatives, before they begin the session. General Assembly sessions will be held as needed, usually to discuss intra- and intercity issues, and Court sessions will be held should multi-city conflicts arise. Policies of the LoC can be found here.


Beginning WIP The LoC was voted to be resolved on April 26, 2016 by a count of 11-2, after a proposal to do so was introduced by _Kastle. Although functions ceased on April 26, 2016, the LoC did not officially dissolve until May 1, 2016.


There are 2 major organs in the LoC, the General Assembly, and the International Court of Justice. The General Assembly was located near Formosa, and the location of the International Court was never determined. Two office buildings are situated in Vermilion for member cities and officers of the LoC. All four leadership positions will be decided by the General Assembly.

General Assembly

Front of General Assembly building.
Inside of General Assembly building.

The General Assembly was where members will meet to discuss issues and pass resolutions. The GA meets in the General Assembly building, which has space for 60 members and 12 observing members in the deliberations chamber, with each allocated five representatives and a desk for members. Press was usually allowed in the meetings, who will be situated in 1 of the 4 studios located in the upper rear of the chamber, which are all currently claimed by MBS Waterville, MBS, Monde, and JTV. Guests, when allowed, will have a space in the balcony with 15 VIP seats: 3 private suites of 5 seats each on the balcony. Sessions are headed by the Secretariat, along with the General Assembly Chief and Chief Justice. The Deputy Secretariat and the Founder will also be present.

Resolution Procedure

Resolutions currently work by voting here or through a leader. Before a resolution is created, it must start as a motion and be seconded. They must then gain a simple majority to be passed, unless otherwise specified. Except under matters of security and peace, resolutions are not imposed on members. Rather, the affected state(s) will take the resolution into consideration and decide on a future course of action with the state's own government.

International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice was the judicial branch of the LoC,and will resolve problems involving the breaking of international law, or inter-city disputes. The court was never built and have its location determined. Any members interested in building and hosting the Court may do so with approval from the GA. The current Chief Justice of the LoC was Aliksong.


MATO is a coalition of the armed forces and medical units of the LoC. Military efforts are coordinated and led by the Supreme Allied Commander, currently Aliksong, and advised by the highest ranking officer in each member of the MATO force. All forces pledged by member states to support LoC operations are listed here.

Search and Rescue Operations Command

SaROC, also called MRS, is a coalition of medical, relief, and support forces of the LoC.

MRS actions are coordinated by the Search and Rescue Operations Commander.


Each member and observer city was assigned an office on League Campus, an area of Vermilion's Eterna Avenue district. Member offices are in the building at 13 Eterna Avenue.

Officers, in addition to their Eterna office, also have a much larger space nearby in Dumbbell Towers (3 and 4 Coronet Street). South Dumbbell houses a conference center in the basement. Dumbbell Towers is linked to 13 Eterna via an underground tunnel.

All offices were assigned on December 16, 2015. Office letters A through G are in the Eterna office tower, N is in North Dumbbell and S is South Dumbbell. (The two dumbbells are linked via skyways on levels 2 through 10.)


The LoC also had several other facilities. The MBS News Debate Center was be used for debates, and there were planned LoC representative offices that were intended to be built in member states.

Symbol Contests

The LoC was seeking official designs for flags/banners and logos. Monetary prizes may be awarded for the winning entry for each category.

League of Cities was seeking an official banner design, which will be hung at official League buildings. It will also be available for member cities to use within their cities if they so choose.

Any LoC member was welcome to participate. Simply design a banner and upload a screenshot of it to this page. LoC leaders and officers will then judge winners.


Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3


Banner 4


Banner 5


Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3

Logo Contest

The League of Cities was also seeking an official logo. Submissions can be seen below.


Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3
Logo 4


Logo 5


MRT Gamma Map.jpg
Square Icon.jpeg
All of the marked locations are either open or confirmed locations as of March 6, 2016.
Viewing this map other than a standard computer may result in distortion.

Currently there are 62 member states and 3 observer states. Offices lettered A through G are in the Eterna tower. Offices lettered N and S are at Dumbbell Towers.

State Station Representative Desk Office(s)
Formosa1  XW5 - M5 - D5  Camelfantasy 1 12D, 10N
Brunswick  I17  _hnt 2 12E, 9N
Arctic Plains SMP2  A13-16  sesese9 4 12C
Lacledic Republic3  T10-15  jphgolf4321 5 12F
Beaufort  P19  frankbros429 6 12B
Birchwood Lake City  C5  PresidentQwerty 7 12G
Armada  C107 - A26 , C108 , A25  Ardyan 8 11C
Kenthurst  XW9 , XW10 , XW11  Aliksong 9 11D, 8S
Whiteley - AP_Rednax 10 11B
City-State of Kitania4  ZN20 , ZN21 , ZN22  (capital) KittyCat11231 11 11E, 9S
Sealane  XW2 - M2 - D2  RLcrafters 12 11F, 7N
Accerton5  C27 - EC8  CaptainChimpy 13 10B, 6N
Mallison C|C64} jamess2912 14 10C, 8N
Whitechapel  A10 , A11 , A12  _frozen 16 7G, 7S
Seaview __Revan__ 17 10A
Saint Roux  P25 - C36  bestmate66 18 ??
Wythern  C41  Baseball02 19 11G
Siletz  V13  MeetMeInSpace 20 10E
Mason City  C12  Kiwirainbow 21 9A
Grayzen (O)  XE3  Cardinalland 85 6A
Royal Ferry  I2 - ZS2 - F2 , I3 - F3  MIKE24DUDE 22 9C
Janghwa City  M22 , M23 , M24 - C70  LithiumMirnuriX 23 10G
Astoria  C48  TonyTajiri 24 10F
Snowtopic  A31 , A32  Duechayapol 25 9B
Xilia (O)  T5  Yellowitcher 86 6B
Ellesume  EN1  allifarki 26 9F
Utopia  D14  Narnia17 27 9G
New Phoenix  C4  _MajorMagpie_ 28 9E
Storalia6  C94  Vulpicula 29 8A
Ezzo City  XW12  ezzocraft 30 9D
Espil  C80 - C81  _InDev_ 31 8B
Vermilion  XW15  Chiefbozx 32 12A, 10S
Woodsdale  ZN10  Hightech_TR 33 8E
Spruce Plains  T20  shadowboarder 34 8D
Waterville  A22 ,  A23  PtldKnight 35 6C
Liten  ZN19  Gopher 36 8C
City of Evella  M10  LDShadowLord 37 8G
Konawa  C110  Soleurs 38 7C
Loudoun  F11 - V12  WashingtonTdt 39 7D
Royal Plaza  P34 - ES20  KevinTheLlama15 40 7B
Newton-Le-Willows  C102 - T35  Patrick44_LFC 41 7E
Airchester  C24 - E5 , 25 - E6  CortesiRaccoon 42 7A
Mecklenburg - tarheelscouse 44 11A
Kelvinside7  C51 - I20  Martii_Scots01 45 10D
Haibian  V24  cookiesareedible 46 6D
Pearl Coast - knowmads7 3
Amestris  T17 , T18  MRTKaizoKeiho_ 47
Segville  ZS6-8  godzilltrain 48
Spring Valley - Architect_21 64
Helix Bay  C77  TrainPro 49
Radiance Square  A9 , A10  MindBender15 50
42  XW7  Leo_2807 51
Numark - bryce_am 52
New Covina - _Kastle 53
Scoton  P4  MrDynamo_ 55
Kolpino City  M18  MishkaMan 56
Iconia  C62  EchoRyuko 57
Avalon Member_Me 58
Wolf Peak bnsfninja 59
Wellington JohnNotTech 60
Spruce Neck  A2 - ZN2  Derpy_Melon 61
AEville  ZN18  AEhub 62
Rochshire  P3  MC_Protocol 63

1State, includes Formosa and Fort Yaxier

2SMP, includes West Calbar, Washingcube, and Freshney

3SMP, includes Laclede, Christi, and Tetrapolis (Amestris has joined separately)

4State, includes Kitania, Nippia, Zaquar, Zicronia, Llamapolis, Sixty-Nein, Hillside-Pagoda, and Arendale

5State, includes Accerton and Castlecombe

6State, includes Storalisburg and Foxtrot.

7State, includes Kelvinside and Melrose

Seatings are in the following sections (note that all odd numbered seats (A sections) are on the right and all even numbered seats (B sections) are on the left:

Side Section Seating
Right 1B 1, 15, 29, 43, 57, 71
2B 3, 17, 31, 45, 59, 73
3B 5, 19, 33, 47, 61, 75
4B 7, 21, 35, 49, 63, 77
5B 9, 23, 37, 51, 65, 79
6B 11, 25, 39, 53, 67, 81
7B 13, 27, 41, 55, 69, 83
Guests Guests
Left 1A 2, 16, 30, 44, 58, 72
2A 4, 18, 32, 46, 60, 74
3A 6, 20, 34, 48, 62, 76
4A 8, 22, 36, 50, 64, 78
5A 10, 24, 38, 52, 66, 80
6A 12, 26, 40, 54, 68, 82
7A 14, 28, 42, 56, 70, 84
Guests Guests
Back 8 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92

Note: Sides are relative, when you are standing in the courtyard facing the General Assembly Chamber

Observer states are different from member states in that they do not take a generally active role in the LoC, or when all 84 Member spots have been taken. They are also given only 1/2 vote for voting.


To join the organization, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Towns applying for membership Councillor or above are accepted immediately.

Towns under Councillor will have to be reviewed by a LoC leader.

2. Towns Councillor and above can be rejected by 2/3 of current members (35) upon acceptance by a leader.
3. Towns at any rank can be removed from the LoC with 3/4 of current members and majority of leaders (39.5 and 3).

To apply: use the discussion page or contact Camelfantasy, ImNotKitty, or _hnt.

Political Parties

LoC officially recognizes political parties of the MRT and within the LoC, but does not officially endorse any of them. It recognizes Nyan Enterprise Party, Social Democratic Party, StaDev Party, Transport Democratic Party, Economic Protection Coalition, Establishment Party, Party Poopers, Organization of Peaceful and Established Communities, and the Liberty Union Party.


1. Leaders (except Founder) and officers can be removed with 2/3 of votes or 1/2, respectively, and a good reason.
2. New leaders will be voted in by a majority.
Note: There must already be a replacement officer before the current officer can be completely removed, even if he has already been voted out.


Leaders of the LoC
Officers of the LoC

The following people are officials, both  leaders  and other  officers , of the LoC:

Position Officer Notes
Founder Camelfantasy Ensures smooth running of things. Builder/caretaker of LoC buildings. Authorization to deal with member requests. Refutes suspicious claims in candidate campaigns.
Secretariat _hnt Leader of LoC. General administrator of all LoC branches. Manages treasury. Authorization to deal with membership requests.
Deputy Secretariat Gopher Vice leader of LoC. Heads Election Commission. Authorization to deal with membership requests.
General Assembly Chief jphgolf4321 Speaker for GA. Manages most aspects of meetings.
Chief Justice Aliksong Heads ICoJ. Deals with administering justice to criminals or LoC policy breakers.
Supreme Allied Commander _Kastle Coordinates MATO actions.
Transit Commissioner RLcrafters
(Acting: AP_Red)
Advisor for intercity transit.
Secondary Transit Commissioner ABOLISHED Deputy advisor to TC
Search and Rescue Operations Commander CaptainChimpy Leads SaR operations, and works closely with the SAC.
Head of Intelligence Agency LDShadowLord Leads member intelligence agencies and gathers intel for LoC.

Officers will be releasing General Overview About LoC (GOAL) and Midyear Information Delivery (MID) to summarize the previous term and highlight points to be focused on in the following year, at January-February and July-August, respectively.

2015 2016
Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. April
Secretariat _hnt
Deputy Secretariat KittyCat11231 Gopher
General Assembly Chief jamess2912 jphgolf4321
Chief Justice AlikSong
Founder Camelfantasy
Transit Commissioner RLcrafters AP_Red
Secondary Transit Commissioner _frozen 1
Supreme Allied Commander AlikSong jphgolf4321 _Kastle
Search and Rescue Operations Commander CaptainChimpy
Head of Intelligence KittyCat11231 LDShadowLord

1 Position as Officer abolished

2 Position suspended


Subordinate Officers

Officers may have the need to appoint subordinates to help them carry out their responsibilities. These Subordinate Officers will be appointed solely by, and at the discretion of, the chief officer of the department.

Secretariat/Deputy Secretariat Office:

  • Clerk

General Assembly Administration:

  • Deputy GAC

Intercity Court of Justice

Transit Commission

MRT Armed Forces Treaty

Search and Rescue Operations Command

League of Cities Secret Service


Secretariat/Deputy Secretariat Office:

  • Clerk

General Assembly Administration:

  • Deputy GAC

Intercity Court of Justice

  • Deputy Justice
  • Justices
  • Prosecutors
  • Defense

Transit Commission

  • Secondary Transit Commissioner

MRT Armed Forces Treaty

  • Supreme General
  • Army General
  • Navy Admiral
  • Air Force General
  • Security Commander

Search and Rescue Operations Command

  • Ground Commander
  • Maritime Commander
  • Air Commander

League of Cities Secret Service

  • Intelligence Advisors
  • Military Advisors


Next elections will take place in September 2016.


  • League of Cities (Secretariat, DS, Founder)
  • General Assembly (GAC)
  • Cities (City General Representatives)
  • International Court of Justice (CJ)
  • Judges/Jury (City Judicial Representatives)
International Criminal Tribunal
  • Forces (SAC)
  • MATO (Advisors)
  • City Forces (City Armed Forces Generals)
  • MRS (SaROC)
  • City Forces (City MRS Generals)


The leaders of the LoC are pleased to announce a new LoC complex, as a Christmas gift for all members. The campus will involve an underground GA section, a courtyard, and offices. The new GA will now have space for 84 members, arranged in columns of 6 and rows of 7 on each side, and 12 observers, arranged in 2 columns and 6 rows. The first 14 desks will be assigned to the first 14 members that joined, as thanks for being with the LoC from the beginning. All other desks will be assigned by a lottery system. To allow for better visibility, desks descend as they approach the center. The leaders' desks and speaker's podium are on the last side, and there is a debate table in the center rectangular floor. Each pathway to the desks lead to a hallway surrounding the GA chamber on 3 sides, the ends of which are connected to grand staircases that lead into a huge courtyard, which has a dome on the top allowing sunlight to enter. A HSR rail links Formosa to Vermilion via Kenthurst, which is built and operated by RegionalConnect using ChimeRail technology. The Formosa end is at  D6 , which serves the LoC Complex, while the Vermilion end is at a station under the League Campus at 13 Eterna (The Warehouse) and 2&3 Coronet (Dumbbell Towers). Transit connections are available at Formosa, the MRT Desert line at  D6  station, and at Vermilion, the  E  (Emerald) line.


  • _hnt: main builder
  • camelfantasy: design consultant/secondary builder
  • _frozen: lighting consultant
  • autobus22: staircase and courtyard designer
  • knowmads7: tower builder