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Leydon International Airport

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Alert.png Gates have been assigned
The Gates for airlines have been assigned. There are a total of 27 gates, 2 being small ones. Gates B10 - B17 are reserved for Stanley Air Alliance and it would be assign by its respective members. The results are down below \/

Airline Owners may now start to paste their planes into the airport when I am online. Do /mail me if you have any questions or in the talk page.

Leydon International Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner creeperface_
Serves  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
Location North New World
Focus city for SkyTrans
Coordinates 746, 77, -4903
Direction Length Surface
ft m
27/09 Stone


More information will come soon


Gate Airline Flight Number Destination Status Information
A1 Skywest Airlines - Whitechapel Sky Harbor INACTIVE -
A2 Caelus CL4 Saint Roux ACTIVE -
A3 Caelus CL210 Elecna Bay International Airport ACTIVE -
A4 Caelus CL203 Vermilion Gateway Airport ACTIVE -
A5 Vermilion Airways - Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport INACTIVE -
A6 Vermilion Airways - Vermilion Gateway Airport INACTIVE -
A7 BART Airlines BA37 Segville International ACTIVE -
A8 BART Airlines BA36 Alturas ACTIVE -
A9 BART Airlines BA35 MRT Regional Airport ACTIVE -
B1 Eastern Airways EA48 Epsilon International Airport ACTIVE -
B2 Eastern Airways EA49 Elecna Bay International Airport ACTIVE -
B3 Eastern Airways EA74 Fort Yaxier International Airport ACTIVE -
B4 IntraAir IA65 Western Ocean International Airport ACTIVE -
B5 Pan Puno - Vermilion Gateway Airport ACTIVE To be expanded to San Reinoldi
B6 South Weast Charter -
Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
B7 Derpy Air DA103 Epsilon International Airport ACTIVE -
B8 FernAir FE3 Fort Yaxier International Airport ACTIVE -
B9 MyAir - TBD - -
B10 SkyTrans ST9 Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport ACTIVE -
B11A GreyAir - Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport ACTIVE -
B11 SkyTrans ST6 Union of Central Western Territories International Airport ACTIVE -
B12 SkyTrans ST8 Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre ACTIVE -
B13 SkyTrans ST10 Espil Ecilidae Airport ACTIVE -
B14 SkyTrans ST13 Kolpino City Airport ACTIVE -
B15 BenAir BN102 Omerah International Airport ACTIVE -
B16 - - - - -
B17 - - - - -
B18 Ilirea Airlines LI72 Ilirea ACTIVE -
B19 - - - - -
B20 Derpy Air DA106 Union of Central Western Territories International Airport ACTIVE -