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The logo for the game show
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes3
Production locationDeadbush Theater, Deadbush, New World
Show runDecember 20, 2020 – January 3, 2021
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Lingo was a word-guessing game show hosted by autobus22 and sesese9 based on the Dutch version of the show of the same name. The show ran from December 2020 to January 2021.

Lingo involved various rounds of word-guessing where contestants can earn points, with the points representing a certain monetary value given away to contestants at the end of the show. Both contestants compete for the highest amount of points to be entered into a final where after more guessing they will get a chance to play for bonus points and a special prize.

Lingo hosted three episodes; however, only one episode aired on SBN. Two livestreamed episodes were planned but did not occur.


Lingo was first announced on December 8, 2020, by autobus22.

The fourth episode of Lingo was scheduled for June 26, 2021; however, it was postponed due to "unexpected scheduling conflicts" and was never rescheduled.


The set of Lingo in the Deadbush Theater
Scoring system for Word Guessing

Lingo was held in a one-versus-one format.

Word Guessing

Example five-letter word

Word Guessing is the first half of the show and has four rounds. Each round had contestants playing alternating turns of guessing words of increasing lengths, followed by a puzzle word at the end of each round. For the first episode, the first four rounds had three words instead of two. The rounds were as follows:

  • Round 1: Two five-letter words per contestant, followed by a Puzzle Word
  • Round 2: Two six-letter words per contestant, followed by a Puzzle Word
  • Round 3: Two seven-letter words per contestant, followed by a Puzzle Word
  • Round 4: Three eight-letter words per contestant, followed by a Puzzle Word

Every round of Word Guessing began by giving the contestant playing the first letter of the word. The contestant had five tries to guess the word, with 15 seconds for each guess. In order to guess, the playing contestant had to say the word and then spell it out loud. After each guess, the letters were marked in blue if they were not in the word, orange if they were in the word but in the wrong space, and red if they were in the right place. Contestants were not required to use the correct letters in their correct places.

Only words present in a British English dictionary and an International English dictionary were valid. If the word was invalid, the guess was not counted and the opposing contestant played the rest of the round with provided bonus letter. If at five guesses the word is not guessed, the opposing contestant will get one attempt to guess the word with a provided bonus letter for points.

In Round 4, both contestants take turns guessing instead of one contestant guessing at a time. The contestant with the lowest score at the time guessed first. Instead of only the first letter being revealed at the start of the round, two letters were revealed. The second letter is in a random position.

The Lingo Statue

At the end of the four rounds, the contestant with the most points proceeded to the finals. The losing contestant received an honorary Lingo Statue which they were allowed to place in only one of their towns.

Puzzle Word

At the end of each round, there was a Puzzle Word, where the host revealed a clue about the word before the guessing starts. Both contestants played at once and competed to guess as fast as possible. Letters were slowly revealed on the board. The faster a contestant guessed correctly, the more points they would get. Both contestants were only allowed one guess. When guessing, contrary to the normal rounds, the contestant guessing did not have to spell the word.


Once per episode, both contestants may steal a word during their opponent's turn. To steal, a contestant must call "steal" to the host at any time before the other contestant makes a guess to guess instead. If correct, the stealing contestant received the points. If incorrect, the next guess returned to the original guessing contestant.

Stealing does not apply to Puzzle Words.


In the finals, the contestant played six six-letter words. Instead of having only the first letter revealed, the contestant started by having the first and third letters revealed. Before guessing, the contestant was assigned a five-by-five Lingo card, with 10 spots scratched off. Numbers between 0 and 20 are placed in the remaining spots. Instead of playing for more points, the contestant earned the ability to press one of the buttons on a row of dispensers that contained balls with a number, a question mark, or a colour:

  • Numbered ball: The number was scratched off of the Lingo card. If the number was already been scratched off, an extra ball was dispensed.
  • Question mark ball: The contestant could pick any numbers they wanted to scratch off of their Lingo card. There was one question-mark ball in the dispensers.
  • Green ball: The contestant could dispense an extra ball. There were three green balls in the dispensers. If a contestant dispensed all green balls, they received 200 bonus points.
  • Red ball: One of the word guessing rounds is skipped. There was one red ball in the dispensers.
  • Gold ball: The contestant won a special prize, typically a bigger franchise. There is one gold ball in the dispensers.

The goal was to get a row of five spots scratched off to get "Lingo", earning the contestant 1000 bonus points and immediately ending the game. The winning contestant received $1 for each point they earned by the end of the game, in addition to any special prizes won.

The winner of each episode had the choice to return for the next episode but was not required to.

List of episodes

The first and only episode of Lingo, aired on December 28, 2020, entitled "GORRIL!"

Three episodes were played, with two more episodes planned but never run. Only one episode aired.

The contestants for each episode were selected by a lottery system, with the exclusion of the winning contestant if they chose to return. Other contestants that were not selected before the show's conclusion were KittyCat11231, _Fresk, Zuoj, EliteNeon, Red_Ray, _Mossie, and RedLemonFox. notshort925 was selected to participate in the fourth episode, but did not participate as the episode did not occur.

Winners are listed in boldface.

Ep. Date Contestant 1 Points Contestant 2 Points Gold Ball Prize
1 December 20, 2020 Minebuilder1223 200 sesese9 300 IKEA (small)
2 December 29, 2020 frogggggg 220 _Wipeout 290 Polaris Hotel
3 January 3, 2021 _Wipeout 290 sasha9076 360 IKEA (small)
4 Cancelled sasha9076 N/A notshort925 N/A Polaris Hotel
5 Cancelled