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This is a subjective list of New World, non-premier heritage sites.

Name Description Coordinates (X/Y/Z) Reasons for Significance Current Status/Danger
Example Example Example
  • Reason One
  • Reason Two
New Singapore Community town started by AirplaneNiner, __7d and Yellowitcher -22690, 64, 14105
  • It is the capital city of the Nansei-Gunto Region
  • It has cultural and important significance to many of the playerbase who contributed to the city
No danger
Nippia Pride Wall LGBTQ+ pride wall 2797 y -8806
  • It has cultural importance to many players, especially LGBTQ+ ones
  • It is one of the most well known landmarks of Nippia
No danger
SM Creeperville Premier Host of the franchise competition Expo 2019 4073 y -9000
  • It is the location of Expo 2019, a franchise building competition by Frosty_Creeper10
  • It is one of the largest and most culturally important malls in the MRT
No danger
Koroturaga Capital of Itokani 20032, 63, -18733
  • The capital island of Itokani, it not only serves as the heart of the archipelago but also is connected to Waitui, which connects the islands to the rest of the world
No danger
Gray Cloud National park by _Kastle -15445 y 12472
  • Location of one of the only shattered savannas in the server
No danger
Rank Resort Town by megascatterbomb -4837 y -16350
  • Town that encourages people of or above Trustee to build a room
No danger
Halua Island Site of the Halua Island adventure map 14372 y 1345 Area worldguarded, no danger
Lillian Disney Amphitheatre Venue in Konawa -3192 y -6538
  • Host venue of many of Soleurs's firework shows
No danger
Lumia National park by Melecie 16316 y -3330
  • Handsculpted cliffside park with a small village
No danger
MRT Land Theme park currently owned by JTrain77 1076 y 344
  • Theme park near Central City
  • Community build
Proximity to spawn
MRT Warptrain Museum Museum by autobus22 8366 y -1007
  • Museum displaying various historical trains and objects from warp-train history on the server.
No danger