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This is a list of serial game shows on the server. A game show is a game in which contestants compete to win prizes. A serial has a continuous plot or narrative that occurs in a sequential episode-by-episode manner. Only major game shows are listed, which are considered major due to the season or franchise having a reasonable amount of notability and a significant amount of planning that took place. "Mini" or short-form versions of game shows are not listed.

Franchises with at least one completed season

This is a list of franchises that have at least one completed season. If the show was cancelled before completion, the year listed indicates either the year the show the show idea was proposed or began, depending on whether the show started, and the cast size listed indicates either the planned cast size or the actual cast size, if the show began.


     Franchise currently occurring
     Franchise with an upcoming season
     Franchise no longer occurring
     Season cancelled before completion
     Status unknown or not revealed
Franchise Season Winner(s) Cast Year Host(s)
Battle of the Builds Battle of the Builds MC_Protocol 13 2019 MinecraftYoshi26
Big Brother Big Brother
12 2014 Baseball02a
Big Brother: MRT
2015 yeamanator132
MRT Big Brother
12 2015 Duechayapol
Big Brother 1 jphgolf4321 14 2016 MinecraftYoshi26
Big Brother 2 AyyLion 17 2017
Big Brother Returns
16 2017 mine_man_
Big Brother 3 Skelezomperman 18 2018 MinecraftYoshi26
Big Brother 4 daltdisneyland 17 2019
Big Brother 5 TBD 16 2020
Game X Game I godzilltrain 14 2016 MinecraftYoshi26
Game X: The Portals of Hell Conric005 18 2019
Survivor Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest
12 2014 Baseball02a
Survivor: Hakima Islands
2014 Dexter249
Survivor: Forests of Nippia
12 2016 Baseball02a
Survivor: Epsilon Island
2017 Baseball02a
Survivor: Utara MinecraftYoshi26 12 2018 AyyLion
Survivor: El Calor megascatterbomb 15 2019
Survivor: Vakayawa Cookie46910 15 2020 daltdisneyland
The Amazing Glitch The Amazing Glitch Season 1 hvt2011 8 2019 CodyHM
The Amazing Race The Amazing Race 0
14 2014 MinecraftYoshi26
The Amazing Race 1 hawksfan1010 & KittyCat11231 14 2014 MinecraftYoshi26
The Amazing Race 2 Just_robinho & kekkomatic 16 2015
The Amazing Race 3 CortesiRaccoon & _Kastle 14 2015
The Amazing Race 4 godzilltrain & mine_man_ 14 2016
The Amazing Race 5 mine_man_ 8 2016
The Amazing Race 6 godzilltrain & mine_man_ 13 2017
The Amazing Race 7 Narnia17 & jphgolf4321 17 2017
The Amazing Race 8 godzilltrain & mine_man_ 17 2017-18
The Amazing Race 9 AyyLion & Cookie46910 20 2018
The Amazing Race 10 KittyCat11231 & lil_shadow59 18 2020
The Game of Numbers The Game of Numbers MinecraftYoshi26 17 2019 Cookie46910
The Mole The Mole 1: The First Betrayal wilywonker 8 2013 MinecraftYoshi26
The Mole 2: The Double Agent Strikes Once Again colaja953 12 2014
The Mole 3: The Third Treachery Cortesi 12 2014
The Mole 4: Subterfuge Music3_0 12 2014
The Mole 5: Out Of The Woods Technological99 18 2015
The Mole 6: Blast From The Past godzilltrain 8 2015
The Mole 7: The Final Showdown autobus22 11 2016
The Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur _Kastle 16 2017
The Mole 9: Trust Is A Mistake AyyLion 15 2018
The Mole 10: Deceit, Deception, & Doubt ArizTrad 29 2020
Whodunnit? Whodunnit? (season 1) hawksfan1010 12 2014 MinecraftYoshi26
Whodunnit? (season 2) CortesiRaccoon 12 2015

Franchises cancelled before completion

This is a list of franchises that have been proposed and failed to come to fruition or was cancelled before completion. The year listed indicates either the year the show idea was proposed or began, depending on whether the show started. The cast size listed indicates either the planned cast size or the actual cast size, if the show began.

Franchise Season Cast Year Host
Fort Boyard: MRT Edition Fort Boyard: MRT Edition (Season 1)
2016 MikeRoma
King of the Pressure Plate King of the Pressure Plate: The Start of Hunting (Season 1) 15 2016 Duechayapol
La Folia La Folia 14 2015 HanSangYoon
Minecart Rapid Transit Gameshow MRT Gameshow (Season 1) 24 2015 MindBender15
Minigame Mania Minigame Mania 3
2017 SoSo123
Race To Escape Race To Escape 36 2017 MinecraftYoshi26
Running Man Running Man
2018 InfamousColumbia
The Apprentice The Apprentice (season 1)
2015 Just_robinho
The Challenge The Challenge (Season 1) 9 2014 SonicTornado
The Quest The Quest
2016 Gopher
The World Race The World Race 1 9 2017 Ben6331