List of shopping centers

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This is a non-comprehensive list of currently existing shopping centers on the server. A shopping center can be defined as an area or complex of stores.

Shopping center name Town World Owner Photo
MRT Fashion Square San Dzobiak New time2makemymove
MRTFSQ 1.png
Venceslo Village Venceslo New time2makemymove
GreenHaven Mall Farragrout Greens Old Puffball5672
GreenHaven Mall.png
Richville Mall Richville New woorich999
Richville Mall.png
Orwyn Mall Orwyn Old chiefbozx
Orwyn Mall.png
Pearl Coast Mall Pearl Coast New knowmads7
Pearl Coast Mall.png
Hendon City Mall Hendon New London150
Hendon City Mall.png
Fairfax Street Mall Central City New AP_Red
Fairfax Street Mall.png
SuperMall Central City Central City New Frosty_Creeper10
SM Central City Mall.png
The Helix Secunda New _Mossie
North Secunda Mall Secunda New _Mossie
Rainbow Mall Southburg New FiorkG07
Wythern Mall Wythern New DeevyDeev
Wythern Mall.png
Dos Palmeras Mall Torres River New Echohue
Sunshine Coast Underground Mall Sunshine Coast New Echohue
Stonestown Galleria The City of Seoland New CodyHM
Heaton Plaza Ellerton Fosby New AP_Red
Heaton Plaza.png
Achowalogen Takachsin Town Mall Achowalogen Takachsin New Tom_Pairs
Wenyanga Mall Wenyanga New Airplaneguy9
Lanatam Shopping Mall Lanatam New MPolo455
Lanatam Shopping Mall.png
Covent Gardens New Phoenix New CodyHM
Kantō Towers Kantō New camelfantasy
Orion Mall Achowalogen Takachsin New Tom_Pairs
Orion Mall.png
Opliss Square Nymphalia New SoaPuffball
Centro de Las Playas Las Playas New frogggggg
Downtown Crossing Shenghua New mi_aquamarine
Downtown Crossing.png
Neo City Shenghua New mi_aquamarine
Neo City.png
Seaside City Shenghua New mi_aquamarine
Seaside City.png