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Alert.png Note: Liten has been annexed by the City-State of Kitania. Alert.png
Town Officials
Mayor KittyCat11231
Deputy Mayor Gopher
MRT  ZN19  Liten
 ZN18  AEville-South Liten (future)
Other transit LTA Metro
Manukau Bus
Facts and Figures
Population 8
Founded October 4, 2014
Town Rank Senator
State City-State of Kitania
World Gamma

Liten is a [Senator] town located at ZN19. It's main trading partner is neighboring Nippia located at  ZN20  whose mayor is KittyCat11231. It has vast lakes and expansive forests and a few beaches too. It's an urban community with plenty of room for new residents. We offer many public services which can be found in sections below soon. Liten was the first city to have an Army, based in eastern Liten and is ready at any moment to mobilize. Liten also recognizes and utilizes the Vermilion Postcode System.


A list of all of the current residents in Liten.

Player Name Address
Gopher 2 Park Street
KittyCat11231 1 Park Street
Soleurs 1 Hall Drive
bspells 1 Wallowen Way
ZamblasianOrge 2 Park Street
mine_man_ 3 Barth Lane
cal76 2 Barth Lane
kekkomatic 2 Wallowen Way
RedBear47 3 Wallowen Way
Steve_Bobs 1 Barth Lane
Pilot61721 4 Barth Lane
Camelicano 5 Wallowen Way
_nopro 4 Wallowen Way
Technological99 6 Wallowen Way
For Sale 1 Norwich Road
For Sale 2 Norwich Road


A list of all of the current businesses in Liten.

Business Name Owner Address
LocalMart juniverse2001 5 Barth Lane
Dave's Doughnuts cal76 1 N. Main Street
Huntington Embassy MinecraftYoshi26 2 N. Main Street
Kitania Embassy KittyCat11231 4 N. Main Street
Spaghetti Showroom Mineman4604 5 N. Main Street
Prubourne Steak Frontier Group 6 N. Main Street
Whokster Building Looking for Tenants 1 S. Main Street
GopherCorp HQ Gopher 2 S. Main Street
Derek Jeter's Taco Hole jphgolf4321 Central Park Food-Court
Kiwi Steaks kiwirainbow Central Park Food-Court
Chocoluv JamesGaming 3 S. Main Street
Pear Store Unknown 4 S. Main Street
150 Central Park Gopher Central Park
The Healthy Burger Co JamesGaming Central Park
Portable Leaf Supply sesese9 Flea Market Stand 1
Testificate Bob's Totally Legal Brewing Stand chiefbozx Flea Market Stand 2
The Ocean Bar & Grill hntredtie Lakeside Park
Vermilion Embassy chiefbozx 2 Womp Road
Lakeview Steak RednaxAP 3 Womp Road
Le Bakery de Liten Gopher 4 Womp Road
Toast Wagon Gopher 5 Womp Road
Redcoat Tavern Gopher 6 Womp Road
DOYKEA Ryumitch 8 Womp Road
Sharkeisha's Secret KittyCat11231 9 Womp Road
Port Authority of Liten and Nippia City of Liten and Nippia 1 Seaman Ave.
Tim Hortons Unknown 3 Seaman Ave.