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Little Rock

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Little Rock
Town Officials
Mayor BernCow
Deputy Mayor Needed
Founder BernCow
MRT  F41  Foobar --  JS14  Foobar
Other transit coming soon
Facts and Figures

Little Rock

Little Rock is a town on the Forest and Jungle Lines comprising of 4 districts. Little Rock Has many mountains and lakes and will include a National Park. All Districts will get their own commuter rail station

Little Rock Lakeside

Lakeside is a urban/rural area with a great deal of tourist attractions including a spleef arena MountainView Downs a Horse Track owned by the MHRA. Lakeside is located directly west of the MRT station.

Crawford Notch

Crawford Notch id a valley in between some of Little Rock's mountains with some shops and possibly a ski area

Texarkana City

Texarkana City is the Most Urban Area of Little Rock located East of and across the lake from the MRT station

Chipanyonk National Forest

More TBA