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Deputy MayorTrainPro
City recognition
Date foundedJune 10, 2016
Date recognized as CouncillorDecember 11, 2016
Town hall coordinates2245, 63, 834
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 4
MRT V9  Foobar
Air facilitiesAchowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
Local transitTfL Services:
Language(s)English (UK)

Lochminehead is a growing town, located just south-east of Central City. It lays claim to Loch Mine, a small water body west of the Town Hall, through to V9. The town focuses around 5 planned sectors, these being the Pedestrian, Government, University, Valley, and Industrial. The town was founded on the 10th June 2016, and steady development has continued since then. The town is currently of the rank Councillor.



The pedestrian sector is the, currently, most developed sector of Lochminehead. It began construction with the Greenway on the 12th June. The first northern block was built early July, with the first southern block under construction. This sector is served by the  Monorail    , and the under construction  Chambers Line    . Also,  SubRoute     connects a number of buildings and TfL stations in the sector. All streets in the sector are built using Stone Bricks, a uCar non-drivable surface, used as a pavement in other sectors.

North Block One

Thames Bank Tower

The Thames Bank Tower is a 6-floor office tower, completely owned by lfpp003's Thames Bank. The Lochminehead branch is located on the lobby level of this building. The building is served by  SubRoute  Thames Bank  .

Marble Apartments
Cake Cake Bakery, on floor 1.

A 4-floor apartment building, parallel to the multi-purpose Arrowhead Building. Currently, the franchise space and three flats are occupied. The top floor features a swimming pool and a lounge area. Apartments in this building can be purchased from Planning for Lochminehead for free.

Arrowhead Building

The Arrowhead Building is the current world headquarters of MRT Estate. It contains franchises, offices and a penthouse flat. The entrance is on floor 2 into the franchise MRT Estate, with access to the largest Brick Tavern on the MRT server. It is connected to  SubRoute  Arrowhead  .

Mdbro Corp Building

The Mdbro Corp Building is owned by the Mdbro Corp and acts as a regional headquarters for the company. It is connected to  SubRoute  Mdbro Corp  , and is notable for its unusual shape.

SoCompany Offices
SoCompany offices in Lochminehead.

The SoCompany Offices are owned by the SoCompany, and are the home of Lochminehead's Curry House, based on the reception area. The building is connected to the adjacent Thames Bank Tower by both  SubRoute  SoCompany   and an outdoor walkway.

Commerce Tower

Commerce Tower is a currently unowned office building located on the Greenway. This tower is available to purchase from Planning for Lochminehead for free.

Plaza Centre
Lochminehead's Italiaso is located just outside  Monorail  Plaza  .

The Plaza Centre spans three storeys as a shopping centre, and an fourteen as an office tower. It is served by  Monorail  Plaza  , and is accessible via  SubRoute  Plaza  . The centre takes inspiration from Eaton Centre, Toronto.

South Block One

Lochminehead Concert Hall

The Lochminehead Concert Hall is currently under furbishment.


First sector to begin construction, with the Town Hall begin constructed once the town was founded. This sector currently contains two buildings. The sector will be served by the  Chambers Line    . Several buildings are also connected to  SubRoute    .

Lochminehead Town Hall

The town hall is currently pending refurbishment, as there are plans to widen both upper and lower levels.

Lochminehead Town Chambers

The Town Chambers spans four storeys, the fourth containing a mezzaine level. All main floors in the building are occupied by the Lochminehead Town Council. It will also be served by  Chambers Line  Government  .

  • 1 - Services for Lochminehead
  • 2 - Planning for Lochminehead
  • 3 - Transport for Lochminehead
  • 4M - The Patriot


The sector is planned to be based around the styles of New Urbanism, meaning the sector will undergo precise planning. The sector will be served by all metro lines, and will likely be served by it's own light rail service. Buses will operate in the area, and this sector will be connected to the city bypass, on the southside of the city. Plans will be released before construction commences, and MRT members are encouraged to share their opinion of the plans.


This is a planned sector in the valley adjacent to the MRT Valley Line. The sector is planned to be served by the  Monorail    , and the  Chambers Line    . It will also have multiple connections to  SubRoute    .


No plans for this sector have currently been released, except it will be outside the bypass, on the southside of the town.



During his Guest days, DJMC2000 explored a number of towns and cities on the server, including Central City, Arisa, Vermilion, Xilia, Thunderbird and Falloway, and although unsure about starting a town, he changed his mind the after seeing these magnificent creations.


Since the town was near a lake, it was decided that the lake would be named Loch Mine, and the town Lochminehead. The position and name were decided on the 9th June, and on 10th June he flew over to the area between the A4 and  V9 , and placed a claim sign on the loch.

Government and Infrastructure Construction Begins

The town hall was constructed that day, and Transport for Lochminehead, the public transport operator in the town was founded on the 12th June. Construction began on the monorail that day, with monorail technology designed quickly, and implemented. Alongside the monorail, the Greenway - in the pedestrian sector - was built, halting at the foot of the hill planned to seperate the Pedestrian and Valley sectors. On the 17th June,  V9  was successfully claimed for Lochminehead. Over the next two days, Phase 1 of the Lochminehead Monorail was completed, connecting the Government, Pedestrian and planned Valley sector to the MRT Network. The remainder of the month was spent building the Town Chambers, which will house the offices of town officials.

Pedestrian Construction Begins

At the start of July, the first northern block from the Greenway was constructed, alongside the Thames Bank Tower, before two weeks build inactivity, due to DJMC2000's Ontario holiday. On his return, the Marble Apartments were constructed. Following this construction, the Arrowhead Building and Plaza Centre began construction simultaneously. Upon completion, the Lochminehead Concert Hall was pasted in from DJMC2000's lab, and this marked the start of southern construction from the Greenway. After this, Councillor rank was acheived, and the town was officially recognised by the MRT staff. The rank marked its induction into full membership of the United Cities. The Riverfront townhouses are currently under construction.



Transport for Lochminehead is the government body which manages intra-town transit in Lochminehead. TfL is working across Lochminehead to build an extensive network which contains roads, rail lines, tunnels, stations and access points to provide the town with essential transport connections. TfL is continually working towards the Lochminehead town goal of being able to not use a uCar at any point of travel through the town.


The Lochminehead Monorail is a simple cart elevated rail line, currently running east/west from the Town Hall to  V9  Foobar. It has been designated the in-game colour Orange. The monorail anchors the town of Lochminehead, being the first connection between the Government and Pedestrian sectors and Valley line, beside  V9  Foobar. The monorail is currently at Phase 1, with no other phases planned at this time.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR1  Monorail  Town Hall    SubRoute  Town Hall  
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR2  Monorail  Plaza    Chambers Line  Plaza  ,  SubRoute  Plaza  
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR3  Monorail  Riverfront    SubRoute  Riverfront  
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR4  Monorail  Valley    SubRoute  Valley  


Currently, Lochminehead has diplomatic missions in the following towns and cities:


Currently, Lochminehead has four residents:


Lochminehead has eight franchises:


Lochminehead is located south-east of Central City at  V9 , just minutes from Central City, and even closer to ATC, the largest airport on the server. Lochminehead has been proposed as part of the RaiLinQ network, alongside neighbouring  V10  Woodsbane, which will also be served by ConnectEAST. It is located on the MRT Valley Line between: