Los Angeles

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Los Angeles
LA Corner.png
A street corner in LA.
Town officials
Mayor Kastle
Deputy Mayor N/A
MRT  XE25  Foobar
 XE27  Foobar
Roadways Highway A30.png
Other transit  Prime Bus   PB03   
 Prime Bus   PB09   
 Prime Bus   PB10   
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates 9822 67 -1749
Town rank Unranked
World New
Ward(s) 2

Los Angeles is a city in Ward 2 built by Kastle. It is notable for having the first large IKEA built by _Kastle.

The flag of Los Angeles.


At some point in the New World, Kastle decided to build Los Angeles directly south of Farwater. The first IKEA was built across the LA River from the main city. A wall was built along the river, bordering


Los Angeles is built on a somewhat large scale compared to most cities. There is a shallow river bordering Farwater with an adjacent wall separating the two cities.
The LA River (And wall)

Notable buildings

Los Angeles has some notable buildings around the city, including:

  • The first IKEA.
  • The BART Police building.
  • The Kitanian embassy.