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Loudoun is a town/city on the MRT's Gamma World. It was created by WashingtonTdt during his first visit to the Gamma world.

Town Officials
Mayor WashingtonTdt
Deputy Mayor camelfantasy
Town Councillors Now hiring!
MRT  F11 - V12  Loudoun
Facts and Figures
Population 2
Founded October 5th, 2014 (10/5/14)
Town Rank Mayor
World Gamma World


When the gamma world opened and players were claiming land all over the new map, Tdtspeedy moved south to an interchange of the Forest and Valley line. Claiming the land there, he began building a stairway from one of three entrances to where the original center would be located. One road spanned the length of the town for a short time.

Extra-Long Rest

After Loudoun began to expand and had several businesses, as well as several residential buildings and a town hall, Tdtspeedy left the server for a long period of time (10 months). In mid-November 2015, he returned, and began working on moving the city up to the Councillor rank.

After the Return

After the return of Tdtspeedy to his town, several projects started in 2014 were quickly completed, and he was able to reach Councillor after several days of staying on the server for more hours. Work still continues to this day.

Today's Loudoun

This section is being worked on, images will be uploaded when the section is being updated.

Town News

October 4, 2014: Loudoun is founded by tdtspeedy, claiming land at  F11 - V12  Loudoun.

November 1, 2014: Wiki update, and work on a map and screenshots start!

November 1, 2014: The Hightower Apartment building is 50% complete.

November 2, 2014: Construction on the LoudounLINK Central Station begins.

November 4, 2014: Town Hall construction begins.

November 4, 2014: City expanded to the west, residential district is created.

November 15, 2015: Tdtspeedy has returned, and along with more houses, has reached the [Councillor] rank!

More from November 15th, 2015:

Hightower Apartment done, Governmental Buildings created, visitor center created, and the Official Flag of Loudoun is finished and can be seen at the Courthouse.

November 18th, 2015: WheelBUS has announced its first route to Siletz, W1, and is now open!

November 23rd, 2015: Camelfantasy has been declared deputy mayor in Loudoun Town Hall!

December 14th, 2015: Phase 1 of The Underground Mall has begun!

December 18th, 2015: Loudoun has received a [Mayor] rank!

Town Alerts

1) The LoudounLINK city subway project has been postponed until further notice.

Major Buildings

Hightower Apartments

The Hightower apartment building. (Large building in the center)

The Hightower Apartment building is a 4-floor apartment building consisting of several apartments that can be bought for an undisclosed price. It was started in October 2014, but finished the next year due to inactivity. On the first floor is a check-in/welcome area for visitors and existing residents. The next 3 floors are all color-coded so that residents do not forget where their apartment is. The second floor is red, the third blue, and the fourth floor yellow. A 5th floor was originally planned, named the green floor, but the project for that floor has been abandoned. So far, there are two current residents, TakenName, in Apartment R01 and Sirots in Apartment R02

Loudoun Central Library

The library, located near the courthouse and visitor center.

This building is the main source of all books that are found in Loudoun, whether it be at schools or in stores. It was built in December of 2015, and contains several shelves of books, a small meeting room, computers used for online checkouts, and a chest for book returns. The types of books that you can find at the library include children's books, many non-fiction books, fiction books, and a small number of graphic novels.

Land Plots

Here is a guide to land plots. Please note that land plots are not given out often anymore.

Blue Plots

Blue plots in Loudoun are considered residential plots, and will mainly be found in the residential district south of the apartment complex. You can build houses in blue plot areas.

Green Plots

Green plots are considered commercial plots, and can be found all over the city. In a green plot, any shop you own or office building for your franchise (Ex: Serving as an HQ) can be built.

Orange Plots

Orange plots are considered special plots, and are used for anything that is not listed in Blue or Green plots.