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CODE Callsign
Founded 2019
Commenced operations TBD
Hubs Wenyanga
Secondary hubs Foresne Omega Hills
Frequent-flyer program LunaMiles
Alliance OneBlock Alliance
  • Mercuria
Company slogan The way to fly
Headquarters Wenyanga
Key people Airplaneguy9, Company CEO
Assets Lumeva Airline Group
Previously named SolAir

Lunaria, previously SolAir, is an airline for the MRT, which aims to connect southwestern Epsilon and Zeta. The airline is owned by the LAG, and is headed by Airplaneguy9.


When Airplaneguy9 got membership status on the MRT, he quickly decided on an airline. The airline was to be called SolAir, after his future nation of Novus Sol. However, before he started, he worked on starting up the national airline of Lumeva, ForesneAir. After helping with building Foresne's Omega Hills Airfield, he managed to acquire two gates! At this point, he assigned two Aero A-3s to the gates. He also had one Aero A-4, but he wanted to use it between larger airports. At this point, SolAir unveiled their new livery, and announced an alliance with ForesneAir called the OneBlock Alliance, the first multiserver alliance. SolAir then got a flight to John Denver Int'l, in Southport, their first complete flight. However, there was a problem: Foresne hadn't reached Senator yet, and JDI was still under construction. So Airplaneguy9 had to wait, and work on something else.

He renamed the airline Lunaria to avoid copyright issues with FlyBahia, assigned a new registration of 'WU' to mean Wenyanga, his future Zeta city (before, planes used 7D, for Foresne), and acquired flights to Larkspur Lilyflower and Sunshine Coast. He requested gates at Fort Yaxier and Chan Bay, in order to compete against SkyTrans, and a gate at Airchester, to compete against Waypoint to SSI. However, there were more problems: Lunaria didn't have a medium-sized aircraft to fly the route. Airplaneguy9's answer was to contact TheSubway, and order 12 SI-A-300 aircraft, with further options for 30 more aircraft. At this point, the airline had 5 Aero A-3s, 1 Aero A-4 and 12 SI-A-300s to its name. When WU-SAA, the first SI-A-300, flew on January 17 between the Subway Industries lab and the Aero Aviation lab, it marked a turning point in Lunaria's history. Captain Mossie piloted the aircraft.

Lunaria obtained even more flights when it managed to get two codeshare flights with ForesneAir through OneBlock and the Lumeva Airline Group. In turn, ForesneAir codeshared the Foresne - John Denver route. On January 17, hours before the first SI-A-300 flight, Lunaria offered a company to build a long-haul, two-engined aircraft to operate longer routes throughout Zeta. Jupiter Motors, whom by coincidence Airplaneguy9 had once worked for, took up the challenge, and a team led by Weier built an aircraft so long it took up nearly all of Aero Aviation's lab space, and had to be shortened at first. Lunaria ordered 10 of this 'Jupitair A-50' type, but later swapped it out for airplane320's 777-300ER, specially customized for Lunaria. This version introduced Business Class and first class on aircraft. While not getting a Fort Yaxier or Chan Bay flight, Airplane managed to get a gate at Kanto.


Lunaria Flight List
Omega Hills
◉ ○ ○ ○ ◉ JDI
Aero A-3
Eastern Closed1.png
Omega Hills
◉ ○ ○ ○ ◉ LAR
Aero A-3
Eastern Closed1.png
Omega Hills
◉ ○ ○ ○ ◉ PCE
Aero A-3
Eastern Closed1.png
Omega Hills
◉ ○ ○ ○ ◉ FAK
Foresne Aviatree-Kaexio
Aero A-3
Eastern Closed1.png
Sunshine Coast
◉ ○ ○ ○ ◉ KTI
Eastern Closed1.png


Aero A-3

  • Width: 17 Blocks
  • Length: 15 Blocks
  • Fuselage Height: 5 Blocks
  • Total Height: 8 Blocks
  • Cabin Layout: 4 Economy

The Aero A-3 is the third and last of the A-1 series, being twice as long as the A-1. The A-3 also features the upgraded cockpit version (the A-3B). The first aircraft was delivered to Lunaria on January 13. Being the airline of Aero Aviation, the aircraft was chosen as the best amongst the A-1, A-2 and A-4. In a joint order, the Lumeva Airline Group ordered 20 aircraft, of which 10 were A-3s. ForesneAir got 5 aircraft, while Lunaria got the other 5, and WU-LCA and 7D-FOA first flew within hours of each other. The A-3 is built to compete with the ITP-1000, SI-A-15, and EAM X-5/10.

Subway SI-A-300

  • Width: 37 blocks
  • Length: 40 blocks
  • Fuselage Height: 5 blocks
  • Total Height: 14 blocks
  • Cabin Layout: 16 Economy/2 Business 14 Economy

Subway Industries' SI-A-300 model is the lengthened version of the SI-A-100, featuring 10 blocks more space. This version is built with standard winglets and not split scimitars as seen on other -300s, and is designated the SI-A-371. It is Lunaria's only medium-haul aircraft, built to operate longer routes. It was bought from Subway Industries on January 12, 2020, with an order for 12 aircraft and further options for 30 more, and the first aircraft, registered as WU-SAA, will take to the skies on January 17. The aircraft will be the fleet backbone by June 2020, being the aircraft that will launch MRT aviation into the Zeta age.