MGA Tournament of Champions

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Tournament of Champions
Course The 18th Mine
City New Amsterdam
Course Architect Red_Ray
Town Mayor Red_Ray
Dates March 1 - March 8
Number of Players TBD
Purse TBD
Season None
Important People
Commissioner SkyjumperTalon
Tournament Champion TBD
MGA Offseason Events
SCMPC Chronology

The MGA Tournament of Champions will be an invitational mini-golf tournament to take place between February 9th and 16th. It will not be part of any season.


All players will play 18 holes of mini-golf at the winning course of the mini-golf building competition. Only those invited will be allowed to take part.

The only ties that will be broken are ones for first place.


The tournament is open to any player who has finished 1st or 2nd in any MGA tournament (not including the Ryder Cup), the top 3 in any MGA Season, or qualified via the qualifying tournament. Currently, these players are as follows.

     Player has accepted the invitation to the event
     Player is unsure about participation
     Player has not given a statement about participation
     Player has denied invitation
Player Name Champion Runner-Up MGA Position
Flag of United States of America.png _Kastle AirKirde-North Coast Championship
Flag of The Netherlands.png Red_Ray SCMPC
Feline Holdings Cup
Deadbush Open
AirKirde-North Coast Championship
IntraAir Open
MGA Season 2 1st
Flag of United Kingdom.png mine_man_ MMB Cup MGA Season 1 2nd
Flag of United States of America.png KittyCat11231 2018 Summer Olympics
Flag of Italy.png Cortesi IntraAir Open
Flag of United States of America.png Cookie46910 Roy Disney Championship MMB Cup
2018 Summer Olympics
MGA Season 1 1st
Flag of United Kingdom.png London150 Roy Disney Championship
Feline Holdings Cup
MGA Season 1 Tied 3rd
Flag of United States of America.png SkyjumperTalon SCMPC
Flag of The Netherlands.png autobus22 Deadbush Open MGA Season 2 3rd
Flag of United States of America.png hvt2011 ISTC
Flag of United Kingdom.png AlfiePops MGA Season 1 Tied 3rd
Flag of United States of America.png PineappleMaster2 MGA Season 2 2nd


The Woodsdale Lilli-Putt Golf Course will host the qualification. This tournament provides as the last chance for any other player to qualify. Due to Cortesi's declination of the event, 2 players will qualify. If more than 5 people participate, 3 players will qualify.

So far, the following people have finished a qualifying round