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Alert.png The channel is back on a low pit after long struggles
MRTTV logo small.png
Host and Producers
Owner Duechayapol and autobus22
Original Founders autobus22 and Duechayapol
Facts and Figures
Shows 4 (City Tour, Airport Review and News Around, MRT one year later timelapses.)
Channel Link

MRTTV is a Youtube channel all about the MRT server. This channel is owned by autobus22 and Duechayapol.


The episodes will upload infrequently due to lack of content to upload and varieing editing and load times.

List of programs

Current programs

These are the list of programs that are currently airing.

MRT Two years Later timelapses

Taiga Line:
Arctic Line:
Marina Shuttle:
Expo Line:

Old programs

MRT One Year Later Timelapses

Arctic line:
Taiga Line: