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MRT Airlines

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MRT Airlines is the new primary airline by LightingMC due to the worldwide complaints about Virgin Genesis. Airline based off of United Airlines but for no reason. It has a hub in New Genisys Airfield even though it only flies to 2 destinations lol. We are planning to have Chan Bay International Airport as a focus city but we are not sure. Our slogan is now "We now serve the air, not just the rails." This is the first airline to use Lighting Aircraft.


Blue Class

The most expensive class on our airline. This is only present on medium and large airplanes. This is the most expensive class with a very personal experience. Paying for this class means getting an entire room with a large comfortable chair, a large TV, a lamp and a side table all to yourself. You will also be able to request service at any time from flight attendants.

Red Class

Not so great as to have your own private space, but you will still have a wide comfortable seat and quite a bit of space with a large TV in front of you and a table to your side.

Yellow Class

Well it's cheap and meant to hold the most passengers in its space. Just a regular sized seat on an airplane with a seatback TV and a table for each seat. Most people who don't care about the service will buy this class. This is present on all aircraft.

Green Class

Most airlines usually put the lowest quality classes in the back of their planes. But in the back of some of ours we have an improved yellow class. While the seats are of similar size you will have more room with larger tables. More space is between each row for more leg room. You will also get the wing view should you have a window seat. On smaller planes this class is at the front of aircraft.

Aircraft Types

LI-101 in the lab world.

Lighting LI-101

This was the first ever plane for MRT Airlines to use, it is 14 blocks wide and 15 blocks long, with a 4 block wide body. The front of this plane does look kind of ugly, the plane was made even so the logo would not stick off of the sides of the tailfin. This did not fit evenly in gates, so this plane has been replaced by the Lighting LI-102. A picture of this aircraft is on the right.

Lighting LI-102

This replaced the 101, with a more fit, cooler looking body. This is 13 blocks wide and 14 blocks long. For now, this will be the aircraft for any small plane flights served by MRT Airlines.

LI-102 aircraft in New Genisys airfield.

Lighting LI-201

First aircraft in the LI-200 family, and the first medium jet that MRT will use. It has 4 engines and the interior is similar to that of the EAM X-100.

LI-201 in the lab world, no flights have been set up for this plane due to all medium gates on the new world being full.