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MRT Colours Agency is a foundation to develop and maintain colored boxes to enhance the look and functionality of the wiki.


{{colours}} {{libc}} {{status}}(partly) {{litecolours}} {{party}} {{VPS}} {{serpentine}} {{s}} {{s/t}} {{s/n}}

Templates with outdated code

{{roadardy}} {{st/ardy}} {{st/ardy/n}}


Planned features for MRT Colours API v3

  • Colours API
    • Minimize the amount of templates used, define color boxes by using HTML
    • Rewrite the mode switcher to prevent the amount of modes increasing exponentially
    • Native support for adjustable border width and gradient percentage
    • Native support for splitlink
    • Native support for gradients
    • Support for custom boxes (such as roundy boxes)
    • All variables are named by default
    • Legacy mode for old templates
    • Subtext before the box
  • Colours Palette
    • Use databases to store data
    • increase capacity for the database, ensure scalability
    • Rework the colors for some templates to ensure readability on different screens
  • Installation & Troubleshooting & Metrics
    • Complete modularity, easy installation to other wikis using the export function
    • Universal diagonistics page
    • More metrics
    • Interactive error messages
  • Templates
    • Add aliases to S
    • Make a road template (duh)
    • Road shield text overlay


The MRT Colours template is currently used in 221 pages. This wiki has 17,344 pages. This means that the template is being used on 1.2742158671587% of the pages. Note that this calculation doesn't take retroactively placed templates into account.
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old stuff

the official MRT Colours Road Shield Template!AP is a genius.png

Cocoa Beans New Texture.pngA Codename Couchman Venture